Does this cheer you up?

No, it just makes me realize how long it's been since we had a good team.

9 years except for a few .500 seasons.

This clip was on the same youtube page:

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Last drive of the 1994 west final, when BC stunned Calgary with a last-play touchdown.

It's fun to see McManus & Flutie playing together. Also a reminder of the travesty a couple of years back (in my opinion) when McManus and Flutie were not voted the best QB-receiver tandem of all time. This was just the start of their years together, and they went on to do it with two other teams.

Then try this Youtube, with Ear the Pearl Winfield:

Oh - how I long for the good old days...

:thup: :thup: :thup:

Thanks Rob35. I love the video you posted.

I was at this game and seeing it's highlights
is very inspiring.

We've done it before and we'll do it again!

Oh Man I remember that game what a great stomping on the Argos. I was there.

Earl was my favorite player of that era and probably my favorite Cat of all time.

Thanks for that Eagle

What would cheer me up would be putting a winner on the field! thats about all!