Does this bug anyone else?

...when players put JR or SR on their jerseys...unless your dad or son is playing on the same team I don’t see the point...

Hey you kids get off my lawn.

1 Like, probably right...pretty minor thing to complain about...

Hahaha...i'd have thunk.
Covid, Jason K, Economy. Crashing house market in Cal, No CFL,
SR, Jr...reminds me of your Bubble objections!

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clearly JR is in remembrance of Larry Hagman.

Not sure about SR though

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I have no problem with JR. SR. is dumb. I was glad when the NFL told Duvernay-Tardif that he could not put M.D. on his jersey.....His argument however was that they allow JR. and SR....hardly the same thing IMO

Long been a peeve of mine as well. However, when I made this comment in a previous post, it was suggested that, (although I did not personally or previously recognize it myself) I was being, at the very least, insensitive to minorities.

So be careful how you advance this topic.

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...sounds like a minefield, but I’ll tap-dance across is this notion disrespectful to minorities? I’m willing to hear and learn...

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...also, does any other sport do this? I cannot recall seeing this on an NHL, NBA or MLB jersey...but maybe it’s widespread I dunno...

...Ken Griffey Jr for example just had GRIFFEY on his shirt...everyone knew he was Jr and called him that but it never made it onto his back...

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Much has changed, in some regards for much better, since the 1990s R&W.

I see no issue with it so long as it is a genuine name, for that's how a player signs his surname off the field anyway and is his standing in his family. I have seen III and V too, and they were legitimately that name.

As for professional credentials, I agree with ro1313 on that part because indeed they are not the same as one's standing in one's family.

I wonder how many here even get this, and I wish it were that simple because that was funny FYB.

yeah, I thought so :slight_smile:

What bugs me is the "Jr" attached to the last name ... Ken Griffey JR is Ken Junior, not Griffey Junior ... otherwise his brother Craig would also be a Juniour

how about the 2nd, the 3rd?

I cant remember ever seeing the 4th

unless we talk about the henrys

How is it possibly insensitive to minorities?

No, when the name is the same as the father, the son is junior. It's their option now to put it on uniforms or not as compared to the 1990s. And that's their legal name anyway off the field.

Arland Bruce III

And there is a V out there somewhere in the NFL but I can't remember who that is now.

Any player may do this now, so I am not sure the angle there.

It was pointed out to me, after previously making a similar posting, that as it is primarily players from minorities that use the Sr/Jr designation, then my comments could well be construed, at a minimum, as offensive and racially insensitive.

With that, I bow out of making further comment.

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I recognize how it is normally done ... but it just bugs me ... no issue when the full name is used but when its only the last name then IMO the "Jr" doesn't belong