Does This ARticle Sound Familiar?

ITs not about the NFL coming to Toronto.
Its about ARena friggin' football coming to Toronto.

Its the same old same old we're reading today about the NFL coming to Toronto
LOoking back, the dire predictions for the CFL withthe AFL coming to Toronto look almost laughable!

Just like the dire predictions for the CFL we're reading now will look laughable five years from now.

And Paul goofy Godfrey is quoted in the article.
What he says sounds very familiar to the BS he's spouting today.
Here's the article.

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what is the population of Toronto dropping. Are you telling me you can not support all these sport franchises. I am disappointed the centre of the universe can not do this. "Pouting" Look Berezin football is entertainment wether it is the CFL, NFL or Arena football. Football fans get their fix regardless.

I should have said this is an old article from 2000. And this writer is predciting the AFL was going to threaten the CFL.
And you even had guys like Jeff Giles all scared of the AFL.
Which was a complete failure, and didn't affect the CFL one iota.
Its ironic the same media types are writing the same things about the NFL coming to Toronot.
They're all hacks.

Even here in the center of the arena football universe, this "sport" can barely buy ten seconds of highlight time on ANY local media. And the San José Whatevers have won the arena bowl what? Twice?

People say it's entertaining. At least people who never go to games tell me that.

Yeah, something tells me this topic was lost on 05... :lol:

Pretty funny article, though. It seems some people will never learn. Oh well.

I guess this disproves the theories that the CFL will fold once the Bills and the NFL come to Toronto. If it failed 8 yrs ago to kill the league, it will fail again.

CFL was supposed to fear AFL then XFL now NFL.

long live the CFL.

XFL... Man, what a joke... :lol:

YOu want a good laugh.
Dan Ralph was the guy who wrote the story about the Phantoms in the year 2000.

HEre's a similar doomsday article he wrote recently about the NFL coming to Toronot.

Its the same old Chicken Little routine.
The only difference is the he replaces the word NFL replacing AFL.

This is the type of second rate sportswriter that exists in Toronot. YOu just have to laugh.
Here is the article:

[url=] ... in+toronto[/url]

One last point about Dan Ralph.
He is now one of the featured writers for NFL CAnada.
Can you say "agenda"?

It's not about losing fans, folks
it's about losing corporate sponsors

and national T.V money to support the CFL.

The sound of corporate dollars escaping
the coffers of the Canadian Football League

will just be an annoying hissing sound
during this NFL 8 game pilot project.

It will become a 'giant s.u.c.k.i.n.g sound

if the the Buffalo/Toronto link approaches
even a GreenBay/Milwaukee-like situation.

and that will be life-threatening
to the CFL as we have known it.

Yes, and people said the Jays would take money from the Argos, competing for the entertainment dollar. Companies like Rona, Molson and Reebok know that there will be loyal CFL fans in Toronto, so I highly doubt that they will automatically abandon the league. If anything, it will make Cohon and others at the league office get more creative for attracting those dollars, and that is not a bad thing, IMO.