Does the salary cap really mean anything??

Please remind me what the penalties are for going over the salary cap.



There aren't any. And I won't believe there are penalties until I see the Commissioner punish a team and have it stick. Also, if he does try to punish a team, he'll lose his job. More reason for him not to do anything.

There is a certain amount involved but I cannot find the post. It seems to be all or nothing fine. If you went over, my feeble memory seems to come to $300,000. and a draft pick.

This would encourage a "what the heck, as long as we're over, let's go for it.

Caretaker, may I suggest a system like a speeding ticket, the more you are over the line, the more is the fine.... hey that could be the mantra

:lol: :lol:

For every $100,000 over the line, withold $50,000 TV money and a draft pick. After $300,000, it jumps to $75,000 and as well as a draft pick next year, then add a pick in the season after that.

With Marcel probably toe-ing the line, can you imagine Hamilton having 9-20 draft picks in a row??

Daft idea, but please offer me a better one!!!


I thought it was progressive - you go $1 over, you pay $1, you go $500 000 over, you pay $500 000 , with the fines divided up among the other teams.

I dunno, maybe not.

first $100,000 over > dollar for dollar fine.

$200,000 over > 2 dollar fine for each dollar.

$300,000 over > 3 dollar fine for each dollar.

and you lose a draft pick.

i.e. $500,000 over > $1,500,000 fine

and you lose a Draft pick

Its the minimum that they need. The cats sholdnt be allowed to be so far under the cap year after year and be this pathetic on the field. We should be forced to at least come close to the cap.