Does the run and shoot have a problem near the end zone?

We have built our offense around a "run and shoot" style, with two very fast but small receivers. They can get open 30 to 40 yards downfield because they are faster then the DBs who are covering them.

When we get near the end zone, there are only 20 yards of field left. The speed is less important. We have a poor record of converting from inside the 5 yard line, and a poor record on two point converts.

Our four losses since labour day all had at least one short yardage play inside the five where we chose to pass the ball from the shotgun and failed to score a TD.

That is problem that has to be solved for next year.

The problem is not with the run and shoot but rather the failure of the defense. We give up big gainers a lot in the last minutes of most games. This team cannot hold a lead! Special teams totally sucked last night as well.

If you read the philoshy of Mouse Davis Run & Shoot offence the down and distance and the receivers reaction to a specific defence determines the outcome. Play calling is also important, however specific blocking schemes and execution are also very important. I like the RS and once the entire playbook is introduced and tweaked there will be a lot points being scored.

What about the American end zones, that are only 10 yards deep. Run and shoot works there.

I think it is just lousy play calling myself; I was incredibly surprised when they didn't pass on 2nd and 1, some one must have got the call wrong.