Does the pre-season matter?

Theres been several arguments over how important the pre season is. DOes it reflect how a team is going to perform? Does anyone care who wins? So I thought Id take a poll and see how many people really care about the preseason

pre season is good for ckecking talent, it’s not really a measure of a how a team is going to do in the season.

Back in the late 60's...maybe 70's... the Lions used to "tease" us with winning their exhibition games. Then Edmonton and Saskatchewan would come in and beat the crap out of us during the regular season.... Since then I don't put much stock in exhibition games. Its a chance for the coaching staff to evaluate their players, and more important, the second stringers (Backup)

Thats why I'd like to see more exhibition games played in "Neutral sites". Halifax...what a great idea. Maybe in future years there could be a series of exhibition games on the road to sell the CFL.

Before you jump over me regarding Stadiums...I'm just thinking out loud...

Saskatchewan could play their exhibition home game in Saskatoon. (KK would like that)

BC could play their exhibition home game in Kelowna.

Etc Etc Etc,

I agree. That’s exactly what pre-season games are used for. Coaches like to win but their bigger concern is whether or not to pick-up a new player or cut an aging veteran.

These games are used so the teams are prepared to win when it really matters, the regular season and eventually the play-offs.

No one looks back at the end of the season and say ‘hey we didn’t make ht playoffs but at least we went 2-0 in the pre-season.’

All winning is (in the pre-season) is a bonus and a confidence boost.

If they ever do that, they’d have to get the games televised, because hardcore fans like us all want to get a glimpse at how our rookies and back-ups do. I had a lot of fun last thursday watching our young guys go.

Philippe Gauthier will be a star in a few years! Yeah!

I agree with Third_and_Ten, preseason games are just as interesting to watch for reasons different than watching regular season games. I am very anxious about Fridays Cats-Argos matchup I will be attending as I really want to see the qb situation with the Cats and our returners. And I hope Bishop gets in the game for the Argos, it will be interesting to see what the arena game has done, or not, for his game.

I think that preseason games have no importance except to evaluate the rookies.
Most teams know who the starters will be and only have to deside who will be 2nd and 3rd string. Why risk an injury to a starter in a meaninless pre-season game.

Isn’t Yeast your official kick returner? I don’t see why that would worry you. He’s good. (Just ask fellow huddle member Yeast#5!)

I think they would like Yeast to concentrate more on receiving and put someone else back returner punts and kickoffs if possible. Two new guys, Hugh Smith and Steve Suter, look pretty good and are real quick.

I know you're a die hard fan Third, but I was just thinking that more exposure to the game = bigger dividends. I don't know the number, but there are a few of us die hard Lion fans that drive from the Interior and Cariboo for Lions game. If an exhibition game, say every 4-5 years were to take place in places like Kelowna and Victoria, perhaps there would be more of us making the trip down for Lions games.

Speaking of which, I'm packing my bags to visit my son and grandkids....Oh, coincidence...theres a football game in Vancouver tomorrow...LOL I guess I'll have to go to it!

You have a nice one... and don't forget to drop by your son's place! :wink:

Hi all C.F.L fans:
Here's my 2 cents on pre-season games & traning camp.First if the N.F.L. has a 5-6 week traing camp & only a 16 game regular schedule; couldit be that we here in Canada could learn something from them.How many teams have you heard where guys are sidelined with charley horses
&hamstring problems. Solution----Have a longer training camp,where they work into shape gradually&not in just 3 weeks. Then instead of only 2 exh. games how about having 4 of them. Then you will have a pretty good idea of who is going to cut the mustard&who isn't. So how can this all be implemented. Start training camp the middle of April instead the last week of May and run it till the middle of May then start exh. games.Another bonus of this is a shorter off season.I'm just thinking out loud so please tell me what you think. ACalgary fan from Kamloops.

Some good ideas are being bandied around here on this thread. I agree that training camp should be lengthened, but it could not start in mid-April. Some college students that might be slated to attend camp could still be writing exams. Some Cdn draft picks might want to hold off until a few days after the NFL draft. Also the weather could be a factor. Perhaps early may could work. Having only one preseason home game a team like the Roughriders could not afford to play it outside Regina in, say, Saskatoon. There were over 25000 tickets sold for the recent Rider vs. BC game in Regina. Had it been held in Saskatoon there wouldn't have been more than a few thousand as the capacity of the stadium there limits attendance beyond that. A third game at a neutral city, especially if it could be televised, might work though.
Riders, yah!!!