Does the Hamilton game matter?

I posted this in the main forums, but I want to make sure my logic is right. It seems to me that our next game is almost meaningless and we'd like Calgary to beat BC next game.

"I think we want Calgary to beat BC, based on these scenarios (assuming no ties):

  1. Calgary beats BC, we lose/win against Hamlton: Calgary up one game on us or even with us, whoever wins the last game wins the season series (we're up 1 point right now, so if Calgary wins by more than one they get the season series) In this scenario, we beat BC in the standings no matter what.

  2. BC beats Calgary, we lose/win against Hamilton: Calgary down one game on us or even with us, -- same scenario for the last game, but then we can also lose to BC and finish 3rd.

So the game against Hamilton is almost meaningless, we want Calgary to beat BC, and it all comes down to the last game."

I believe you mean we could lose to Calgary and still finish third, since we play them the last week and have played four against BC already.

Hell No!

We need to win!

I wanna be 10-6-1 going into the last week!

why would you wanna lose?

I don't believe he said anywhere that he wanted the Riders to lose...he was asking if the game mattered in the standings. By the logic presented, I don't believe it does.

It's almost meaningless for the standings (assuming Calgary wins I guess).

Edit: I mean, if BC wins, then we can clinch 2nd by beating Hamilton, otherwise, we may finish 3rd. So I guess it could matter. But I believe we still want Calgary to beat BC.

if calgary beats BC it doesnt matter
but lets run the table

even if the Stamps lose next week and we win

they still only have to win by 2 points to take the season series and first place!

we need to win our last two games.

It boils down to:

The only way to finish ahead of Calgary is to beat them.
To finish ahead of BC, they either have to lose a game, or we win a game (so for that the Hamilton game may matter).

It matters because if we lose out and BC wins out, then we're third. Win in Hamilton and we guarantee second place at worst.

I think it matters. First of all the SSK/HAM game occurs first in the day so by winning we know we have at least second place wrapped up and don't have to worry about what CGY and BC do. Why take any chances that Calgary will lose and then have the last game maybe mean the difference between first and third. And of course you want momentum going into the last week, guarantee a 10 win season, and you owe to the three teams scrambling for the last two spots to play your best. It matters a lot!!! GO RIDERS!!

Yep, as has been pointed out, it matters. The magic number with BC is 1 and, as said, we play Hamilton first, so the opportunity to secure home field in the playoffs is in our hands.

That's why I don't trust my critical thinking skills after such a huge win. :slight_smile:

Yes. It matters. We could still finish in 3rd.

A win vs Hamilton means we clinch a home playoff game ( for the third straight year ).

( unless BC ties Calgary, and Calgary beats us in the last game, while BC beats Edmonton -- thus both BC and SSK would be 9-8-1 -- not sure who would win the BC/SSK tiebreaker )

At this point in the season, ALL games matter, even if we don't get first overall in the west. Better to be winning into the playoffs, than backing in.

You are absolutely correct. A win vs Hamilton and we are guaranteed a home playoff game. If we beat Hamilton it doesn't matter if BC runs the table.

I also wasn’t thinking clearly, DMPC, because it made sense to me, too! :lol:

I hope that Miller and the players don't have the attitude that some of you have.. every game matters.. you can't take any team lightly in this league anymore, especially the improved Cats.. the Riders need to win this one, as a couple of people have pointed out, it gaurantees us a home playoff game, and we cannot count on BC to beat the Stamps. This game does matter.. more than you may want to think! Momentum is key going into the playoffs, the Rider need to find consistency in their game.

We can also beat Calgary with another tie. That would make Sask 1-0-2 vs 0-1-2

The next tie breaker (if Calgary wins by exactly 1 point) is games within the division, and Calgary has that tied up already.

I checked the schedule and we play Hamilton before Calgary plays BC so it's a very important game. If Calgary and BC had played before, and Calgary won, then it would be essentially meaningless. Since we play 1st we can't rely on Calgary winning.

The Hamilton game determines the possible consolation prize should we lose the last game against Calgary.

Because we can't possibly lose that last game, it makes the Hamilton game irrelevant, no?