Does the colour of your uniform make a difference?

......But a new study has found that choosing the color red for a uniform in competitive sports can actually affect the referee's split-second decision-making ability and even promote a scoring bias.
Calgary and Montreal both have red!

Time for the Bombers to change colours?

Hmm. That seems to contradict the Armour ejection...

Well perhaps not. It doesn't sound like they tested the effects of wearing pale green in this study. Certainly the CFL this year has proven that wearing pale green gets you a very positive scoring bias.


Yeah Having a FG Kicker that has only missed one all year, 3 QBs willing to play well, a league leading rusher and a receiving corps that performs with all the major starters injured has nothing to do with SCORING.

By the way it isn't pale green; its

lol, no need for damage control in this topic. You can't deny the Riders have had a lot of calls go their way.

And Edmonton is dark green. Thus the Riders, being paler green than Edmonton, wear pale green.

it's Kelly Green.. pal. not Pale


the Rider haters would say that the calls go there way.

I don't think it's Kelly anymore... it's now a slightly darker shade... dunno what it's called though.

ok since this post was created 6 hours or so after my original post Is everyone happy with there teams uniforms? Ill without, predidise consider this another attack on my credibility of posting! I think Color is everything! I know several 8,9 10 year old or younger!children that decide to start watching the CFL because the colors they like draw thier attention! while channel surfing! Kids are the future don't dismiss them! If color is what it takes to get them watching football? great!

Good article, perhaps in professional football wearing red has a reverse effect, more flags :wink: I do believe the Stamps are the most penalized team this year, and we know how awful the Arizona Cardinals and Buffalo Bills have been... just saying :wink:


the riders need to stop wearing those silver pants, also discontinue those black pants, they should wear double green at home, and green pants with their white jerseys on road games, the green pants also make them look quicker on tv, the black pants & silver pants looks like some cheesy arena football 2 team

You seem to be wearing green yourself--green with envy. The reality is , if you are winning, the calls seem to go your way- and if you are losing, the calls go against you. The Riders have been victims of some brutal officiating over the years, so its nice to see some calls go our way for a change. I guess when you are 2-6 you will look for any excuse to justify your team's poor record... :lol: :roll:

That is funny since Calgary has been the most penalized team in the last couple of years. It was found that on Labor day when Calgary put the blacks on they got less penalties. I think it has a reverse affect. Also you will find that many red cars get more tickets then any other color according to my sources. But hey they say pink has a soothing affect maybe the Als should wear pink.

Of course colour has an effect - not only on the impressions of an observer but on the attitude of the team wearing the colours. Studies show that colour impressions vary across cultures and between age-groups. Black for instance makes a huge impression on younger people because it's 'bad' and apparently something that they are convinced had never occured to their parents. In western culture blue is seen as more positve that red. Eastern cultures are the opposite.

There are some universals that are applicable to football - all white makes the players look bigger to the opponent. Black makes the wearer feel tougher and intimidating.

There have been huge leaps in team performance based upon uniform changes. Tampa went from last to first in one season, Atlanta and Philidelphia both became contenders.

So what does this say for CFL refs? not much really. You have to take a lot of factors into account and you'd have to run an analysis of the past 20+ years, game by game, to see trends.

Good topic. It adds one more factor to our post-game analysis.

But of course this new study doesn't affect the CFL, as all of the refs are blind!