Does the college system matter?

Watching Dinwiddie play tonight, it got me thinking. He stepped in and played with the same approach he used at Boise State. That passing aggressive style served him well and he looked incredibly comfortable for only his second game.

Darian Durant came out of a system that tended to have more pass attempts than rushing attempts each year. That placed a lot of pressure on the quarterback to be able to manage the game and also to produce. And he has looked poised and solid in his games.

Maybe it means nothing but it would seem to me that college QB’s who played in a passing focused system in college are more able to step in at the CFL level. But that is just a thought.

Yes YEs and Yes..
At the same time you can have someone like Timmy Chang who was in a pass oriented offence and fail in the CFL...CAUSE YOU STILL GOTTA HAVE TALENT.
P.S. The verdict isn't totally out on Chang yet.... but I'd put money on him being out of the CFL by 09...if not 10