Does the CFL starting before the NFL help NFL attendance?

Just wondering if people think that with the CFL starting in June if this helps get people in the States more geared up for football and start buying tickets for games there earlier than they would. Or maybe the CFL isn’t yet shown in enough cities there on cable networks to make any difference at all and not enough in the newspapers either?

I think it has a small influenece, but it's there.

Any ture US Football fan will watch CFL to warm up for the NFL I'm sure.

I think in Buffalo, where people can get the CBC, it really has an influence.

likely so in Detroit too.

Earl, what's up with you and Buffalo?

Well, nothing really, but I live in Hamilton and Buffalo is so close and am just wondering if the CFL is giving the Bills some business, so to speak. KK, my mind is always working overtime, can't stop it, too many brain cells firing all the time 8)

It does nothing at all. NFL could start its season on the Monday morning after the Superbowl at 6:54, and not only would they still sellout, the TV numbers would also be strong!

I tend to agree with you EastVanMark, the NFL is a machine with the marketing, the stadiums they have in just about every city, every game on TV, and unlike Canada where hockey is so huge, the NFL really doesn't have that competition from baseball and basketball which at the pro level, can't compete with the "NFL product" so to speak. Here hockey and the NHL rules the roost for the most part.


I think Minimally. Eastvanmark points out correctly the NFL media machine does a fine job "hyping" itself.