Does the CFL need more teams?

If you think the CFL needs more teams (i do) name the cities you think would be best suited for a team.

I think:
St. Johns
Quebec City

LOL St. John's. Maybe St. John as the home of the maritime province team, but definetely not St. John's. Does anyone there even know what football is?

Quebec City

In that order and if these cities won’t work then look to a few northern US cities.

Ottawa Quebec City Halifax London

In that order and if these cities won’t work then look to a few northern US cities.

i agree with maritime
i knew i forgot London

I did not like that Ottawa lost there team more should have been done! anyway hope they get it back! Quebec has $$$$$$ i don't have any idea what they would call themselves that would sound normal to non french Canadians! St. Johns or Halifax would be cool too! I have a friend out in St. Johns who's proud to be a newfee! he thinks they should have a team and call it the trailer park boys! kind of a penilty leader ruff stuff team like the cheifs in slapsot!LOL don't think that would fly with the CFL standard! anyway more teams=more games=more fans=more revenue yup i'm in!

here we go again.

I'd like to see a Maritime team and Ottawa back. Halifax would be the best location, but it should be named for the whole region. Like the Maritime Steamers or something.

Stick Winnipeg back in the West and we could have a nice 5 in each conference. Leave the playoffs the way they are. It would give teams more of an incentive to play better in the regular season if two teams from each don't make it.

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My thoughts exactly! :roll:

BUT...Quebec Poutines would be great!

I think he is just refering to another expansion thread not your post, HL77

I wasnt dissing your post. Sorry if it seemed like it. I was commenting on yet another thread on expansion. We seem to have them weekly here. Everything that can be said on it has been said hundreds of times over. Even so, I wasnt really dissing anything, just sayin...

As for Mr Ed. Quality never dies. My kids, preteen and teen love it. Along with Kung Fu, MacGyvor, Fugitive, Gunsmoke, Bewitched, etc.

why should Ontario get 4 teams?

all the more victims for the rest of us :twisted:

That did wonders for the NHL. For way too long 16 teams making the playoffs in a 21 team league made for somewhat of a boring regular season (especially after about game # 60). Now with roughly half the league missing the playoffs, the emphasis on each regular season has heightened tremendously, and the playoff races usually go down to the last games of the season. For the CFL, adding 2 more teams while keeping the same playoff format would make for a FAR more exciting regular season, and would make a playoff appearance all the more important.


ROFL :lol:

They won't. London isn't going to happen. That's a pipe dream. However, why if they could support 4 teams then so be it. You can't stick even a second team in Saskatchewan or Manitoba, because they just don't have enough people to support another team. It's nothing personal.

While it is possible that having a team in London would intensify football interest in Southern Ontario, the more likely scenario is that it would dilute the fan base to the point of three weak franchises instead of two strong ones. Windsor might be a better option, if it could tap into the Detroit market.

Besides Ottawa, because they will be back in 2012, can someone tell me the names of the Millionairs willing to invest in those other cities? Links if possible please.

Okay, lets try another question. Besides Ottawa, Can anyone tell me the names of the CFL size Stadiums in each of those cities?

Cue up The Simon & Garfunkle song...."The Sounds of Silence". :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll:

More teams would be nice but they have to be able to sustain themselves even through the lean years. Why have more teams if they are just gonna fold after a couple of years.