Does the CFL Drug Test Players??

I was just wondering if they did things like the NFL and test for Performance Enhancers? I see some awful big and cut players out there and was just wondering if they Drug Test? Thanks and Happy Easter!!

Drugs are not a problem in the CFL as no player has ever been found to be doing drugs, so there is no need to test them.

Ya right, what are you smoking !!

The penalty for selling steroids in the CFL is being released and picked up by another team :wink:

Aren't there already federal laws dealing with banned substances?

There really isn't a need to test players in our league, most are not making enough money to warrant taking steroids as there is also a lack of job security. The risk isn't worth the reward for players here as they will not get a big payday. Some may roid to get back to the NFL, but they realize they will be tested then and get caught. So there is no win for taking Steroids in a league like ours because there is no incentive other than personal pride, and what kind of pride would they have if they used drugs to make them play better.

Very true. Is the CFL kinda like our Arena Football in the States? What would the Competition level be like? I see that most of the players are people who couldn't make it in the NFL. Thanks for all your answers and help. :lol:

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CFL players’ contracts put the block on drug testing, top referee says By Brad Pritchard Published: March 8th, 2009 Under current contracts, players cannot be tested for banned substances. Tom Higgins, director of officiating for the CFL since April 2008, admits that if players are using steroids, there’s nothing the league can do to stop it.

“If a player is suspected to be using drugs, we can’t act,? he said. “We are not allowed to test for anything (drugs) if the player doesn’t tell you about it.?

The current collective bargaining agreement expires at the end of the 2009 season. Only then will the CFL have an opportunity to make drug testing mandatory

Stu Laird, the president of the Canadian Football League Players’ Association (CFLPA), said players aren’t tested for a reason.

“It’s not a privacy issue,? he said. “It’s obviously a cost issue. Who would pay for the tests??

Laird said that players are not opposed to drug testing; they just don’t feel they should carry the burden of paying for the tests.

Professional athletes in Canada, excluding those playing in the major leagues, are tested for drugs by the Canadian Centre for Ethics in Sport (CCES). Rosemary Pitfield, the director of communications for the CCES, said that drug tests, including urine sample tests, are typically financed by the leagues themselves.

“(A urine sample test) can range upwards of $500 per athlete depending on what they are screening for,? she said.

She also said the federal government does provide some funding, but only for events such as the Olympics.

Higgins said players shouldn’t risk their health by doping, since the expected career lifespan of a professional football player is only 3.5 years. For now, all the league can do is educate its current and future players not to take drugs.

Laird says the CFLPA is holding seminars for its members to educate them about using drugs. He did speculate about the likelihood performance-enhancing drug use in the CFL.

“It’s entirely possible,? he said. “We bring in physicians who talk about long-term health effects, as well as an RCMP officer to talk about the legal aspect of drug use.?

Filed by Brad Pritchard

The CFL would be a step up from AFL, in both quality of players and pay. The rookie minimum (last time I checked) was around $40,000. The highest paid players (top QB's) make more than $300,000, and top positional players can earn $150,000-$180,000.

Most import (American) players are NCAA grads who fall into one of three groups:

  1. players who for are on the fringe or under the acceptable size/speed/weight range for their position

  2. ex-NFL'ers trying to extend or resurrect careers

  3. players who fit the NFL mold but for whatever reason fell through the cracks.

Actually, the CFL is a BIG step up from the arena football league. The CFL has been around for decades in one form or another. Hence the numerous grey cups and in a couple of years approaching 100. One CFL scout compared the lineman in the arena football league to furniture removers. Sorry don't take it personally, just a quote from a scout. NFL guys have come into the league like in the past, Mark Gastineau former NY JET allstar and have flopped big time. I remember when one of the Edmonton Eskimoes lineman went up against him and said no problem at all in handling him. Ricky Williams was a bit of a bust. I saw him against BC Lions, he had a decent game. His game against Hamilton he only ran about 7 yards total in the whole game. Toronto had the former Philidelphia Eagles back up QB about a year 1/2 ago, and he was cut. I would say there is only a small gap between the calibre of NFL play and CFL play. I have watched both NFL and CFL. That's my opinion.

There is a much larger gap in talent between the CFL and NFL don't kid yourself.

With that said the 2 games are very different and required different skill sets from skill position players. Why Ricky Williams stunk the house out was likely that he was stoned out of his friggin mind the whole time and really didn't give a crap. To play QB in this league is very different than the NFL more reads to make bigger feild but you can get away with less accuracy due to the large feild. I don't think you can really even compare lineman from one league to another.

Comparing the NFL and CFL is like apples and asian pears, they bolth taste good and look similar but are vastly different.

CFL players only smoke their "performance enhancers"

Did I say the CFL was better than the NFL? I said there was a small gap in the calibre of play. I do not see a large gap?? Your comment regarding ricky williams is just rambling about nothing. Oh yeah.. he basically didn't give a crap..right. Maybe your the one smoking to much. :twisted:

Unfortunately, fans see an overwhelmingly disparate salary delta between the two leagues and assume there's a commensurate drop in the calibre of play. As most us know however, this is not the case.

Boonedock82 perhaps if you don't believe us, talk to one of the players on your team who's played in both leagues. That's what I base my information on. Rob Murphy and Tyrone Williams both have enormous respect for the level of play in the CFL, and Dante Marsh claims each team in the CFL has about 7 or 8 players who could be playing in the NFL given the right opportunity and circumstance.

Is the overall level of play as good in our league as the NFL? No, but the drop-off is not as great as some are led to believe.


You cannot really be that naive.

I have met guys that do steroids for the fun of it. They do them and their job in like is to drive a forklift all day!

To say that CFL Players won’t do them because they don’t make enough money, is a joke.

Or to say that the CFL does not need to test for drugs because the CFL has never found anybody doing drugs, has to be the most asinine thing I have heard anybody say regarding this topic.

Also, to say they won’t take roids because the only reward is personal pride and there is no pride in taking drugs. While the last part of the sentence may be true, this is not how steroid abusers think. C’mon, think about it a little bit.

You might be surprised of the amount of people around your own city that do steroids just because they want to.