Does tailgating exist up Here?

I would take a road trip to experience a cfl tailgate. Never seen one here in Ottawa.
Maybe in Hamilton or sask?

Not an issue for most CFL fans, for those in S Ontario that want “big” tailgates with gridiron football, you go to Buffalo for the Bills or Michigan or Notre Dame for the NCAA. Any tailgating for the CFL in Hamilton and Toronto, probably Ottawa as well, here is a very very small demographic.

You’ll have to get out to Calgary. McMahon has a spacious parking lot and the tailgate activity there is (or at least used to be) quite extensive.

It’s pretty tough to do one here in Ottawa considering Lansdowne’s parking is all underground. There’s so much within a stone’s throw of the stadium, though, that I guess action there sort of takes the place of tailgating in other cities.

Calgary tailgating is legendary

Tailgating in Hamilton mainly takes place 2 blocks north of the field, off the beaten trail, on the vacant property of a former glass making factory.

You’re really underselling Hamilton here. It’s no Bills game, but it’s not bad.

Agreed. By far the best in the league. As close as it gets to a US style tailgating in this country.

What do the fans BBQ in Calgary? Ribs? Any whole steers?


Calgary, when I lived there it was quite good.
The BBQ’s were going, footballs being thrown around. Labour day tailgating was always amped up a bit versus the rest of the games.

Now if you are going to compare to US college and NFL tailgating, it won’t be the same.

Calgary rules. LDC starts at 2:30pmon Monday. We will be at the stadium with BBQ and coolers in tow by 11:00am… and we definitely won’t be the first people in the parking lot. Go Stamps!!

So what’s going to be on the grill?