Does Sask. Always Win Polls on

A thread on the Ti-Cat Board says that Sask. always wins the votes on This thread is in honour of that thread.


Let's vote and see. I'm betting that the winner isn't Saskatchewan.

Really? if Saskatchewan is ever in the vote they win every time even if they clearly should not win! When I vote im not bias. Apparently Saskatchewan fans are. Not that Ken Miller doesn't deserve our vote!

Seriously? I thought it was common knowledge that Riders fans flood Internet polls. :lol:

This was a tough one - a real Catch-22: do I go for the "Riders never lose a poll" strategy but if I do, I disparage my team's good name. Uh, well, oh boy. Ah, everyone's going to disparage our good name anyways ... go for the win!! I voted Riders. GO RIDERS!!

^^ That’s awesome. :lol: Gotta keep the streak going, eh? :smiley:

A couple of seasons ago, I would have voted for BC fans, a few in particular... last year it would have been Stamp fans.. but after reading a few posts from Bomber fans(with a few exceptions), they seem to be the most annoying...

WPg won the poll on best QBReceiver duo, which was a complete farce.

They also have the most annoying fans for how they love to chant B C SUCKS, even when playing another team.

Most annoying = Stamp fans.
Most football Knowledge = Rider fans.

Most annoying - Winnipeg fans (sorry Papa :lol:)
close behind them are Argo fans.


Hahahahahahahahahaha takes breath ahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha.

well, up until 2006 the Eskimo Fans were the most annoying because they believed they were everything. they were the cockiest, most arrogant and craziest fans. They figured that nothing could hurt them.

then they missed the playoffs 2 straight seasons and barely made it in 2008..

so they've been humbled some.

Yup. Now we just need Saskatchewan to miss the playoffs for a couple years, so maybe their fans can learn what it means to be humble. :wink:

We went 11 straight years without making the playoffs so we know what its like to be humble. Given the fact we have only 3 GCs in our history, we appreciate it the team does win one. Some fans may take it to extremes, but any team's fan base have those types of people in them. The author should have included the Ottawa Senators(or Gades) because they would win a walk, all you have to do is read any thread in the Ottawa section of this forum.

I know, Sambo. I was only kidding. It's only a few Riders fans on here who need to be taken down a peg...

Regarding the Senators, I didn't know they had a horrible fanbase... of course, the only real Senators fan I know is my brother, and he's pretty easy-going.

think about this.

  1. the Riders have been in all the games where tv ratings records were broken.

  2. When the Riders come to Calgary, the ticket prices go up. Eskimos are thinking about doing the same.

  3. Calgary and Edmonton always get huge attendance figures when the Riders come to town.

  4. Rider fans are all over the Country.. everywhere you go, if you were to wear a Riders hat or Jersey or t-shirt, someone will comment and say "right on!, nice hat, good choice!"

  5. Rider merchandise sells out before any other.. even in Edmonton.. which is shocking.

...and that would be why the Riders are currently winning this poll in a landslide. :stuck_out_tongue:

People are obviously overlooking the fact the Toronto Maple Leafs are on the list. And while I know some rider fans can be annoying, there is nothing more annoying then a leafs fan.

Went right over my head, I guess I should read better. Can I have my vote back please!

If you're talking about the most annoying sports fans EVER, then hands down it's Habs fans.
They all live in the good old glory days , and still dress in disco.

  1. They have TV's on combines

  2. News to me.

  3. They also get huge attendance when they come to town as well.

  4. Rider fans are all over the Country.. everywhere you go, if you were to wear a Riders hat or Jersey or t-shirt, someone will comment and say, "WHAT NUMBER COMES AFTER 12!!!

  5. One can never have enough rags to polish the car, or the combine.

Spoken like a true leafs fan who doesn't even have glory days to talk about :wink:
And disco looks really good on me.