Does Montreal have a new owner?

Just heard something in Ottawa on TSN radio about a news conference today in Montreal announcing new ownership, or have I had to much coffee,

The meeting has been confirmed by Montreal media. Scheduled for 11h30

Don’t know if TSN will cover it live, but expect that RDS Info will

Émission spéciale sur RDS, RDS info et à 11h30

Can catch on the web here:En Direct |

Yes they are, it’s on the front page

Meant TV ... but thanks

To facilitate for everyone ... this is the TSN front page ... Press conference coverage under "Latest Video" on the right

Let’s hope the saga is really over as TSN states on their headline.

I do wonder why the mystery still? I would think the ownership group would have been mentioned and then have the press conference later.

To watch the announcement:

Sid is the owner and Gary the CEO of Crawford Steel.

Proof that the “insiders” knew only what the bidders told them

Canadian ownership is cool :slight_smile:

Do we know what their finances look like?

Though I don’t know much about these guys, yes I does show what can happen when these type of transactions take place behind closed doors as they should be.

Looking forward to hear more including their plans for the franchise moving forward.

Bright day for the Aloulettes and the CFL in general today.

Ambrosie mentioned all other bidders would have had to find investors to make it work … not these guys … Spiegel owns a large company called Crawford Steel and Stern has been his CEO for many, many years

I like him already! :slight_smile:


;Dyou can feel the Hamiltonian roots shine there

He seems like an incredibly nice person. I wish him all the success in the world.

Agree ... and very genuine ... straight answers ... no tap dancing ... no double talk ... perhaps I am being hopefully, but doesn't seem like a fit with Danny Boy

Apparently they were in the process for 3 weeks so a fast decision.

With him making a reference to Bob Young, I wonder how influential was he in brining the duo on board.

Edit: Maybe it was Lastman pulling the strings

Overall, it seems like they gave the Lenkovs a lot of rope and the time finally came to cut it.

Still lots of momentum to build from last year now with some stability, they'll give Hamilton a run for their money in the East.