Does Mike Reilly Lose "Elite" Status?

The funny thing though is that Bowman has been virtually invisible this year with the Bombers .

Currently ranked #44th in rec yards in the league with a paltry 8 catches for 70 yds after 4 gms played. If his production doesn't improve and soon I could see Bowman being on the unemployment line before long this season .

Bowman was fifth in receiving for the Esks last year. Reilly's go-to was Zylstra.

I think we need to define a new term: "Elite for fans with no long-term memory."

Status is granted based only on the most recent game's performance. No actual previous accomplishments are allowed to be considered - but imaginary accomplishments ("would haves") can receive honourable mention since they never really die.

On the current list there is only one name: Trevor Harris. 343 yards, 3 TDs, no INTs for the win against MTL. This week's other winning QBs did not throw for 300 yards, so their victories were hollow.

Or how about in order to qualify for this so called "Elite Status" club you have to have started and won at least one Grey Cup in your career . Using this criteria with the current 9 starters this exclusive club would have exactly 2 charter members , Mike Reilly and Bo Levi . As for the other 7 starters ? Well I guess they would all be considered potential would be members on the waiting list for entry into this club . The only other charter member would be Ricky Ray but with the strict criteria of being a current starting QB he doesn't qualify as he won't be playing anytime soon or perhaps ever again after this season is done .

Yah but that puts Rick Cassata, Sonny Wade or Sean Salisbury as elite or Tom Burgess or Mike Kerrigan .

None are in the HOF nor considered as Elite for their careers .

I think way too much emphasis is on a Grey Cup . Dieter Brock never won one and if he wasn't elite I don't know who is .

Like to think there is Hall of fame QB's instead of elite which is geared for the entire career to be graded .

Then there is a top of the class QB at present whether one want's to call them elite
or not it's what did you for me today is all that the people care about in the end .

Ray won a Grey Cup with a .500 team twice . That might be the same scenario for any present QB in the East any given year as the play off system is out of whack .
Hank took the RB's with a sub .500 team as well all the way . So if Masoli does that is he elite or just a season away from another Burgess .

It's true - many recent GC winners have retired or been injured.

Here's another completely reasonable criteria (which I would consider necessary, but not sufficient): Elite QBs must lead their teams to a winning record over a full season as a starter at least once, and win at least one post-season game.

Besides Reilly and BLM (and the injured Ray, Lulay and Glenn), that allows in two others: Jennings and Collaros. Unfortunately neither has done much lately.

Nichols (6th year in the league) has had a winning season but no post-season success. Harris (7th year in the league) has had neither. Masoli has won a playoff game but never started for a full season (yet).

Anyone want to make the argument that you can be an "elite QB" without ever playing a full year on a winning team and winning in the post-season? It's actually a pretty low bar if you think about it.

Sorry I don't think Reilly's grey cup counts according to what I read on another thread. "Masoli would have beat him if we would have beat Ottawa." So Masoli gets credit for that Grey Cup.
Makes sense to me.

Maybe BLM loses credit for the 2014 Grey Cup on the same basis? (We probably shouldn't have started Collaros in that game, knowing what we now know.)

I refuse to acknowledge that Calgary GC win. I like to imagine that we won and that he has choked 3 times.

So in some fantasy world Masoli gets credit for 2 GCs.
Makes sense.

Bet there isn't a day goes by EDM doesnt regret trading Masoli

I'll go you one better and bet there isn't a day goes by that BC doesn't regret trading Reilly. Funny how that works eh ?

And I missed the parties. Stink!

No discussion of elite CFL quarterbacks should close without the mention of the late great Ron Lancaster in at least one sentence.

Wait a sec! Did we win the Grey Cup when JM “ bailed us out??

If Reilly and Masoli end up in the Grey Cup this year.....who are you picking?
(Better yet, who would you rather have as your QB?)

How do I get to make the choice? And while I'm at it, how do I get to choose between my brother-in-law and Natashia with her McCain fries to watch it with me?

The QB that is surrounded by the better all around team and coaching staff. 8)

Yep. Came in and went 1-1. Big time bail out.

Maybe bailed out refers to his burglary charge? Maybe he needed to get bailed out for that. Or was it his marijuana charge.

Can't keep track of all the bailouts.