Does Mike Reilly Lose "Elite" Status?

Threw for 370 yards and only 1 TD. Loses to an East team on the road.
Led a 2 and out on the game winning drive starting at his own 50 yard line with 3 mins left.
Edmonton needs to trade for Manziel immediately or get Glenn in the game to mix it up a bit.
Very mediocre in my books.

Definitely not elite! They should try to fleece Tillman for Johnny. :wink:

This just in. Manziel still not starting as Reilly loses game in Toronto.

This is the part where a fan or beat reporter, desperate to defend Reilly, points out receiver drops, no run game, bad route running, play calling and defense.

The point is no one will have to defend him in Edmonton or blame him for the loss.

Wonder why that is...

You have to love stats it's Funny how the announcers stated Reilly is the worse QB when pressured among all QB's but the best when not pressured .

Does that make you elite ?

QBs who have actually won something have that luxury.

They specifically mentioned passer efficiency. Could mean that he is better at throwing away the ball and not taking sacks.

works for me.

Masoli wins have a tendency to get a lot less democratic.

They actually said he was the worst when pressured . That is a good indicator that he makes mistakes and not good things when under pressure .

It's never a good thing to be the worst .

The toughest QB in the league no doubt but under pressure maybe he's just very average .

He has had the luxury of having fantastic recruitment of receivers over the years for the Esks . That is a luxury many QB 's would love to have .

took him 5 years in the league and 3 years as a starter to win that cup and Masoli would have likely beaten them in that Grey Cup had the defence not blown the 2015 EF. Remember the one he bailed us out in?

There's always someone, something stopping Masoli from fulfilling his obvious destiny

Yeah and every other QB the Cats have had since Danny Mac.

Tragic, really. To be surrounded by so many obstacles

Well, I was impressed with Reilly the first came when he led the team right down the field for a come from behind victory with time running down. He missed opportunities tonight but he seems like the kind of guy who could beat anyone on a given night so you can’t ever take him lightly.

Killer with the level 5 category troll job. Impressive.

Mike Reilly's resume speaks for itself.

Reilly was let down by Mass on the Esk's last drive ,3rd and long Mass punted the game away or so it turned out . Esks Defence could not stop the strong running game late. All is not well in Edmonton .

Mike Rielly's passing game without his go to receiver Bowman is reflected in the Esks loss column.

QB & O-Line & Receivers = O team game ...