Does Mike Kelly not like Brendan Taman or what?

Kelly just totally lays into him.

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Kelly should fit in fine with the present regime. He has a lot in common with Asper, and Bauer. They are all full of hot air and believe that each is better than everyone else. looks like it will be another circus year at the stadium. Hope the hotdogs at the stadium taste good.

...they'll be excellent ....and especially buying them at a venue where everything is new... :wink:

In another 25 years maybe.

Kelly told it like it was, plain and simple and it seems as though Taman was running this club in the GM role like a clown, Kelly wants to see scouting, he wants to read about his player's before starting them in game situations, something Taman never did obviously. Kelly is a winner and a straight shooter and that is the exact thing this club needs to win, and that is a fact, no more running this team like some pee wee football team, it's time to get serious, because football and business is serious and trust me every game, Kelly will put on his game face and get right down to business and that is WINNING.

Kelly is not a good coach. We should have tried to sign the coach Edmonton signed. Or went after the stamps assistants. We got the left overs as usual. This signing goes hand in hand with the bad players we have. Why is B&G back making posts. He was kicked off of here.

Papa you will be waiting for new venue for a long time. Government will not give money for long time. Toews will do all he can to jerk asper around. He said the other day he has no timetable to give any money to Asper with a smile on his face. You know what that means ? He will jerk asper around for the next 30 years.

And you can tell all of that even before they play a game ?

Read This... Written by Mike Kelly Himself

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MK makes some really good points.

Then he should fix what needs to be fixed and keep his mouth shut from the press. You may wait a very long time for a winning team. So far things don't look good.

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...Kelly apologises for his comments regarding the state of affairs as left by Taman...

.....he's a bigger man than me....and probably a lot smarter...I wouldn't have retracted what simply was the truth...BUT ..I have also learned over the years....You can think a lot of things about a predecessor..(Taman in this case) but you;re probably better off keeping them to yourself....In any case i for one appreciate Kellys honesty and being forthright about the situation.. :wink: :thup: