Does Masoli have any more excuses left? (and Ron Lancaster's legacy)

It’s time for Masoli to start getting 'er done!

Really? Its preseason.

Masoli put up 20 points in the 1st half. Without him in the 2nd half the other 2 QBs only managed a field goal.

I am sure Toronto or Montreal or even Ottawa would be glad to trade one of their guys for him. Maybe even throw in some pocket change.

You mean it’s too early to say he has a good line protecting him, great supporting offense , playcalling that suits his style, and enough starts to expect him to win more than 9 games?

Garney, you’re already in mid season form. :wink:

I listened on the radio last night and missed some of the game. The interception in the first quarter brought back some bad memories and later on someone commented on the fact Masoli is at his best rolling out and throwing on the run. So the doomsday cynic in me thought, maybe the team has built the best oline in the league for a guy who is better under pressure?

So no, Masoli doesn’t have any excuses left. He’s still going to throw pics (Like every QB) but I think this is a nine win season!

Well that didn’t take long. It’s going to be another long season on the forum ::slight_smile:

I think he used up all his excuses with his MVP calibre season last year.

The one where he only won 9 games?

And the 11 guys on the field with him have nothing to do with that, right? Your perspective is off by a lot.

So your saying “yes he does have excuses left”?

Disclaimer - I’m a Masoli fan, and I absolutely hate that cross field pass, but in my mind that interception was all on the design of the play. On the previous play, to the left side, the receiver goes to the flat and cuts up field to the goal line. The QB leads the receiver up field with the defender trailing. Stupid play, throwing 40 yards for a 2 yard reception, but can lead to YAC yards. Ottawa lives on that pass.

On the interception, to the right side, the receiver goes to the flat and then cuts back, towards the line of scrimmage. The QB winds up throwing the ball low, and leading the receiver behind the DB. The defender comes down on the ball, and gets first shot at making the interception. A pick six waiting to happen. Even if the receiver makes the catch, his momentum is taking him the wrong way, and he has to pivot 180 degrees to gain yards. Completely stupid play, 40 yard pass for little or no gain, and often a leg injury in the making. Condell for some reason has used this play as a staple. For me, the INT is on him, not the QB.

IMO, with Condell in charge, the Cats will be no where near as exciting, productive, nor as high scoring as they were with Jones. Terrible play designs.

Last comment - where was the QB pressure? Few hurries, no sacks, way, way too much time for Argo QBs. Hope Washington was just playing possum, or we are looking at third place again.

No team shows their real offense in the preseason. Surely someone around football as much as you would understand that.

4 teams are in a very fortunate position of having nothing to worry about from their QB position as long as the starter stays healthy.

4 teams have QBs that started 17 or 18 games, and had a passer efficiency rating over 98 and all throwing for over 5000 yards. That is very good QB play.


Hope you’re right CFF. But if Ottawa last week and Toronto last night were holding back on their offences, I fear we’re in for a tough row to hoe.

So yes he does have excuses?

I’m not afraid to criticize the team when warranted. But pre- season is rarely that time.

Most of that game is to get the starters back into game action, new guys integrated and familiar etc. You’re probably only seeing a half effort and a basic playbook.

Probably depends what your goal is. If it’s to discuss team performance, you’re right. But if the goal is to provoke responses that you can then reference throughout the year as evidence that everyone is against you, then I think this is a good approach.

I didn’t see last nights game but based on his past performances I don’t know why he’d need any.