Does Masoli give us best chance?

Agree with that.

I'm fully expecting us to beat toronto, than sit back and watch Bad Henry show up for the EF. :thup:

I vote for J Masoli,he was entertaining with his running and laid the ball in there very well on deeper routes.
His ball handling will improve .
J Mathews is too sackable in the pocket .

Masoli came into a difficult position and played a decent game last night. I wouldn't get down on him, the defence didn't come up when they had to. Honestly that game could have gone either way until the 4th quarter. To come back from being down and lead at half time, says a lot about the team not giving up.

Masoli game stats

11/21 for 148 yrds passing along with 27 yrds on 6 carries rushing.
He was robbed on the Underwood OPI call for another 40 yrds and then the blatant DPI on Tasker for another 40 yrds

Some bad drops by Underwood and Bakari Grant was absolutely horrible, there were at minimum 5 terrible drops
Masoli played well and has earned the 1st team reps this week

Masoli definetly earned the start for next week based on yesterday’s game. Giving him first team reps all week should help him with some of the timing issues on handoffs, and passing patterns. With his mobility he gives us the best chance for a victory. I would also consider playing McDuffie over Banks next week. Banks just doesn’t seem to have the same moves that he had at the start of the year, when returning punts, or the other teams have him figured out.
Does anyone know the status of Toliver returning?

Honestly, imo, Mathews gives us the best chance. Butter fingers Massoli can't hold on to the ball. If we could get the accurate passing of Mathews( Montreal game) we have a chance. If the offensive coordinator could try and throw in some running plays, some options and play smart football, we can beat the Arhols next week.

If Masoli starts next game, we're done. Why did Austin leave him in there? I can see bringing him in for a package, but why was Harris pulled? Bad offensive game plan.

And one Ottawa fan on the TSN site is COMPLAINING about the bias of the CC because Austin's ONE challenge was granted!

I agree there were some bad drops which more familiarity and reps will hopefully help. Grant's bad OC penalty took another good gain off the board too. The two calls you mentioned certainly didn't help.

Masoli impressed me more than I thought he would. True the fumbles didn't help but more reps on hand offs should solve that problem. I like his mobility which, with a banged up OL, is an asset.

That fumble he had right after Simoni's fumble recovery/return wasn't really his fault. IMHO the majority of the blame goes to the left side of the O-line who allowed the Ottawa player to strip the ball from behind.

Not sure why Harris was pulled so quickly.

Austin never pulled the hook out with Mathews that quickly…ever.

Chance after chance, after chance.

If we get another howling wind on Sunday, Masoli's mobility will become an even greater asset.

Totally agree that he pulled the plug on Harris way too quickly. I would have pulled the plug on Masoli after the fumble, not to mention the confused hand offs. However I think it was wise not to yank Mathews too soon.

It really wont matter who the QB is if they cant protect the ball. I trust Masoli as our best option unless Mathews is available.

The weather looks to be improved, the high winds predicted for Sunday (50KPH) will be arriving Thurs.

Sunday looks terrific - Mostly Sunny, 10 C, Winds SW 25KPH

Pick one guy and let him get most of the reps during the week.

I don't think Austin intended to completely "pull" Harris from the game at that point. He made the switch in the middle of a drive after a couple of first down completions, and I think he only meant to leave Masoli in for a few plays to run the zone read package.
But then when that seemed to spark the team and they scored some points, and possibly combined with Banks and (apparently, for a while) Tasker being out of the lineup, that may have limited Harris' playbook, he just ended up sticking with Masoli.

any updates on Mathews sir?


We probably won't know anything for sure about Mathews until they resume practice, which I imagine will be tomorrow.


I agree, (Lemon?) had ran right past the OL on that side (Lewis...?) and hit Masoli from the blind-side. He never saw it coming and he looked like he was right about to throw. I've seen other QBs lose the ball the same way. I've definitely seen Burris and Collaros fumble the ball similarly.

As for the other fumble, bad handoffs might be due to lack of reps.

Masoli didn't throw any interceptions, and I don't think he was sacked (unless he ran it for a loss and it counted as a sack). He fumbled 2 times (1 lost). 11/21 for 148, but was robbed 40 yrds on the OPI on Grant so he should've had at least 12/22 for 180ish, and many catches were very close to on target but the receiver dropped it. Watching the game, he played pretty well. Looked fairly consistent from start to finish.

Mathews threw 2 interceptions in the redzone and, looking at the stats for last game, fumbled twice (1 lost). They also sacked him 5 or 6 times. He went 20/35 for 160. Watching the game, he looked good at times and other times looked like a rookie - which is expected, but overall, inconstant.

Lets look at the Strengths and Weaknesses of both, shall we?


  • Strong arm
  • Accurate
  • Knows the Austin playbook, played for him in college.
  • Chemistry with Tasker from college.
  • Has the right QB build. 6'-4", 220lbs.
  • Has had 2nd team reps, 1st once Collaros was injured.


  • Basically immobile, really. Typical pocket passer.
  • Has thrown MORE picks than TDs (6TDS-8INT).
  • Mistakes happen at crucial times (choking under pressure? Nerves?)
  • This is his first year in the CFL.


  • Also has a strong arm.
  • Threat to run the ball.
  • Mobile QB. Can scramble and throw on the run. Helps with a weak OL.
  • This is his 3rd year in the CFL. He has more experience than Mathews in this regard.
  • TD/INT ratio is 3-3 throughout his CFL career. Not good, but the ratio itself is better than Mathews.
  • This might be his last chance to impress!


  • Fumbleitis. Reputation for fumbling the football.
  • Not as accurate (though if now for the drops, he did fairly well the other night)
  • Not a typical QB build. 5'-10" (but looks shorter), stockier.
  • Bounced around from 3rd, 4th, and PR this year. Hasn't had as many meaningful reps in practice.

I pick Masoli because of 2 things:

What I think TiCats need most, is mobility. Zach had it, Masoli has it, Mathews doesn't. Our OL needs a mobile QB. I don't want to see a sack on every drive. 2nd and long is not a good situation to be in constantly.

And the second is what I put in italics.

Masoli was demoted from 2nd string at one point last year, to PR this year. If he doesn't do something to impress Austin, he should realize he might be the QB they cut for next year. If he was cut now (more prior to last game since he played well against Ottawa), who would pick him up with the current film on him? Film is an athlete's resume, after all. Film never lies. Masoli is on his last legs with the Cats. With his job on the line, that might be why we saw a spark yesterday - why we saw him play better than previously. Players play differently, for better or worse, when they have something to prove and when their job is on the line.

Mathews is Austin's boy, and I'm not saying he feels this way for sure, but he might not be too worried about what happens to him if he plays poorly. I'm sure he wants to succeed, but would Austin cut Mathews next year if he had played awful? Due to their relationship, and the fact he has the "I'm a rookie!" excuse, it's unlikely. He also knows Collaros is going to be the starter for a while at least. He knows he won't be promoted, likely won't be demoted... personally, he has nothing to play for. Sure, team success and whatever blah blah, but will he put everything on the table for that? It's yet to be seen.

Anyway, that's all in my opinion. Plus, my family all hated Masoli and I've stuck up for him so if he does well I can tell them all that I was right and I don't like being wrong. :lol:

I can see why some of the fans have picked Masolli. His mobility is an asset. If he does start I'm hoping he can prove me wrong and hang on to the ball.