Does Masoli give us best chance?

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. I would, however, not be afraid to insert MAsoli or Harris for special packages throughout the game.

Guys Masoli is way to busy on the sidelines with a red Beenie on his helmet , signal paddles and clip board to every grace THF turf ever again other than during practice ! :thup: :roll:

I think this would be a good idea for the upcoming game in Ottawa. It's Mathews or bust as the starter (and we knew this when Collaros went down and Austin anointed Mathews the starter), but it wouldn't hurt to get Masoli or Harris in there if need be, if just for the fact it would be a different look for the Redblacks to contend with. Mathews is a rookie QB who is going to have his good games and bad games which is to be expected. Who knows what Mathews is going to show up on Saturday? The one who played Saskatchewan and Montreal, or the one who played Edmonton and Ottawa? Let's hope it's the former rather than the latter. On a side note, that was the "strangest" offensive game plan that I've seen from Condell since he's been here. Don't think he helped Mathews much with a 95% passing game against a strong Ottawa defensive line playing against a weakened Ticats O-line (the loss of Olson and Bomben really hurt).

Somehow either by selection or by Ottawa the usually reliable slants to Tasker disappeared. And it was certainly missed.

I've got to agree with you on the offensive game plan there Pope that is Mighty. What is the point of finally activating Gable then not using him ? I can't figure out why they are not using Gable with short screen passes out to the flat or even hot patterns over the middle. Gable only had eight touches all game (7 rush/1 pass) in fact the team only had 14 running plays all game , Sinkfield ended up with more yds rushing then Gable in that game. Strange very strange game plan indeed.

There is a real big chance that we will be playing them 3 games in a row.
I don't agree with it, but maybe they are saving some plays for later.
One thing for sure, It is going to get real nasty!!!!!!!! :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:
I hate them way more already! :x

Mathews' lack of mobility was a major liability against Ottawa. Costly mistakes missing open receivers or throwing into traffic may in part be a product of Ottawa's effective pass rush, which again points the finger at lack of mobility (along with injuries on our O line, and our lack of a serious running game).

Since Austin put in Harris at the end of the game, I assume that means he thinks Harris gives us a better chance than Masoli (or at least that Harris has a better deep ball).

In any case, until Mathews develops Danny-Mac-like decisiveness and accuracy (and stops staring down receivers), we're better off with someone who can save plays with his feet, whether that's Harris or Masoli.

Mathews was going through concussion protocol at the end of the game which is why Harris was put into the game in the dying seconds. I suspect that Austin's comments about Harris possibly starting were partly due to him not knowing for sure right after the game what Mathews' status might be for next week as well.

My comment about Harris going in at the end of the last game wasn't about the reason Mathews came out, it was about the comparison between Harris and Masoli.

I don't think Harris gives us the slightest hope with about 7 snaps all year for experience. Not a chance unless he can run for about 80 yards himself.
At least Masoli and the Widlcat package has had some success and he was great at that for short periods.

I have faith in Mathews, lets just mix it up for him and give him a chance. He has looked brilliant in some games and kept us hanging around in the Calgary Game and Sunday when he didn't look great...despite pretty dismal games.

The good news is Redblacks didnt' look much better than us with a veteran. Gives me some hope. We have the edge in Special Teams and Defence! I agree need the bye to have any chance.

If we make Grey Cup, it will be tough to win the big one with our QB situation.

Paul Masotti would give us a better chance than Jeremiah Masoli.

But Nick Mazzoli would give us a better chance than Paul Masotti.

Is this concussion talk real? Or, just payback for last week's "Hank hasn't practised all week and will be a game time decision?"

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I guess it is true:

Drew Edwards ?@scratchingpost 3h3 hours ago
BREAKING: #Ticats QB Jeff Mathews has been added to the one-game injured list & won’t play Saturday vs. #Redblacks. #CFL

Yesss Guy :thup:
He actually threw pretty well!
Not unhappy with him!

Killer91 called it !!! :thup: good one!

After today…I mean Jeremiah Mazola.

Butter fingers.

We have no chance with this guy.

We have no chance with this guy.
Unfortunately I don't think we have much chance with any of our back-ups.

He clearly showed he has earned to be our #2 QB after Mathews . With concussions if he is not 100% ready for the Eastern Semi then Masoli should get the nod and All first team reps , Masoli has that leadership and scrambling ability that our team needs :thup: the game definitely opened up compared to Harris when he came into the game. His vision and defensive reads were much better than Harris under pressure......... What your two cents on our QB dilemma ?!?!

I don't believe Masoli was sacked once by Ottawa, they certainly respected his mobility. On the other hand, he fumbled twice, which is why is was sent down the depth chart in the first place.

Mathews against the Argos secondary would be the better choice if he is healthy, otherwise Harris is the better passer.

But honestly, Zach Collaros in a wheelchair gives us a better chance than any of those three. And since I want nothing more than see those Capital City blowhards get their comeuppance, I'm fully expecting and somewhat hoping the Argos win next week and put us out of our misery and start fresh next year...