Does Masoli give us best chance?

Not throwing Mathews under the bus because I think if they hand off on first down inside the 10 today, they score a couple of times...but when times are tough with Mathews....does Masoli with his legs give us a better chance to move the ball and change it up bit like he has in the past with some roll outs and bootleg type play? What happened to the Razzle Dazzle we saw in Guelph from Lefevre and Masoli - a little creativity? I saw none of that today...Just let Mathews hang out try to win it with his arm.

I don't see hope of Harris doing anything with his limited playing time...he is Mathews all over again from scratch.

That being said Mathews has kept us in every game...just need to take a little pressure off him.

Agree. Also what EEs did to us after Zach went down. Mathews is our best chance, but he needs some help and support. Masoli and Harris with special packages may be worthwhile. Can't hurt?

Mathews is our best chance and that's why Austin has gone with him.

That being said I wonder now that Jeff Mathews was injured and came off the field yesterday late in the game after the rough Ottawa hit. What state is he in, will he be able to play, is he injured still lots of questions i guess we'll know soon when he's evaluated by medical staff.

i thought when Harris came in with only seconds left, he did a great job considering what he was left with and if he had a extra minute or 30 seconds on the board to play with, I believe the Cats would have scored and won the game.

Jackory Harris brings a different element to the game than Mathews, he's much more mobile, can scramble and move the pocket not as much of a drop back passer like Mathews and hopefully when he does run he knows how to slide because Jeff has nearly had his head taken off on some of his slides?

Jeff has a great arm and accurate but so does Harris in the limited action I've seen of him but know of his career in the NCAA
and great player he was like Mathews at Cornell.

if Mathews can't go, give the ball to Harris and give hime the first team reps and opportunity against Ottawa he may surprise everyone!


Except for running ability and being able to go through his progressions.

That being said Mathews has kept us in every game...just need to take a little pressure off him.
Surely you mean he kept us out of the game yesterday.

Mathews was our best chance, he has quickly fallen from that status.
Sure if we needed a new face of the franchise @ QB I say plug along with the growing pains.
Collaros clearly established himself as an All Star level QB and we need to do whatever we can to string together 3 wins in a row. The team is not looking to groom a successor.
Mathews clearly is not ready to be a winning QB in the CFL.
Pull the pin now because it might be too late already.
Mathews at this stage in his pro career clearly lacks the "it" factor. All great QBs have it. The ability to rally team mates and lead. At this point the team has completely lost confidence in the QB and any denial publically is a lie.

IMO, in the game Zach was injured, the offense we ran was something I was excited about (Wildcat, both QB's etc.). If we want to win, we need to get back to that.

He got us to the 10 yard line 4 times...maybe a running play in one of those 8 failed pass attempts that led to 2 interceptions might have helped?

Based on the overall performance of this team, not just the QB, and also including the coaching, in the 5 and 3/4 games played since Collaros was injured, I'd say the chances of advancing to the Grey Cup, by winning 3 straight games, with 2 of them on the road, is very slim, at best. Those chances, IMO, would increase quite a bit, though, if they had to play just 2 games, with a bye week between them. Winning this week, by 6 or more points, is imperative and I believe this situation calls for at least some participation by at least 1 of our other QBs. Creativity in the game plan and being well prepared to handle the noise of a hostile sell-out crowd would be high on my list of priorities for the week.

Mathews did have moments where he moved the ball. Yes he made mistakes with throws but isn't it the OC who is calling those plays from within the 10 yard line?
I think it was a combination of bad play calling, bad decisions by Mathews and even receivers not getting open quickly. Ottawa's defensive backs covered well for the most part. I agree that if they used all three QB's in specialty packages that it may cause some confusion for the opposition. Would be hard to game plan three different styles of play (although may be hard to do for our offense in a short week of prep).

They have to try something because what we did yesterday is not good enough.

Masoli had his chance and blew it. What makes anyone think he would be any better?

When people were floating the idea of bringing in a veteran, it was loudly shouted down on here by several posters, not sure it was actually the majority, but certainly the loudest component of the board. I'm not generally a fan of second guessing, or saying I told you so, but I'm going to indulge myself for the benefit of just one blowhard here who would rather crap on a poster with a different view than have a respectful discussion.

I was so impressed with this team for much of the year. Great defense, great special teams, great offense - until Collaros went down. It's a tall order for Mathews with a marginal running game (which was the only real weakness on an otherwise stacked team) and the depth behind most starting QB's in the CFL is slim.

So, to berate someone for coming on here and advocating bringing in a veteran with good numbers was, um...rude. And to suggest that it is unfair to Mathews to airlift help is simply wrong - the team of ~75 players, coaches and staff is more important than the individual, and so is the franchise, and so are the fans. Inevitably rookies struggle, sometimes corresponding with when other teams actually have game film on them. Further to that, putting the pressure of ruining the season on Mathews may damage his confidence more than bringing in a veteran that he could have backed up, platooned with, or bounced ideas off. It was a reasonable idea to bring Glenn in to start or back-up. Glenn with a month on the roster would make me feel better about November than Mathews, Harris and Masoli. I think Austin blew it. Hubris...

to be honest Mathews has blown it too.
barely a pulse to the offense with him at the helm.
change for the sake of change works for me. have Mathews come of the bench for a different vibe if you like.
I am more in favor of Harris rather than Masoli at this time.

I say Mathews has had a fair chance and excuses aside has failed. He's clearly not ready to go all the way. I wouldn't be surprised to see Harris next week. We can always bring Mathews off the bench.

In response to the question in the title of this threat - No! Give Jacory Harris the start this Saturday. It's a damned if you do, damned if you don't scenario. Ottawa showed that they have Mathews' number on Sunday. And Masoli showed nothing last year. Austin has got to break his trend of playing QBs in Hamilton who played for him at Ole Miss or Cornell. Neither Masoli nor Mathews had a winning season under Austin in college. Harris went to Miami. Collaros went to Cinci. Maybe their QB coaches there taught them how to win.

Masoli has had more turnovers, with less playing time, than Mathews.

Does Masoli give us best chance ? Answer: short and sweet...........NO !!!!!!

Masoli is in his 3rd year with the team and started the year as the 4th stringer. The ONLY reason that he got activated to the main roster in the first place this year was because of Collaros going down with his injury. If Collaros doesn't get injured Masoli would still be on the IL and inactive this season. Believe me if Austin thought that he was the answer he would've been promoted by now instead of languishing as the 3rd stringer behind 2 rookies. I think that the only reason that he is still on the team is that the red beanie fits perfectly on his helmet and unlike a football he rarely drops the clipboard.


...and the clipboard has a string... lol

I have a better idea.... Lets continue on with Mathews but use a game plan that actually has a chance of working. You know, seeing as we'll be facing the league's sack leading team, have an O-line made of swiss cheese and have a rookie QB in there, perhaps we could try some plays beyond the good ol' "every receiver runs as far away from the QB as possible, then turns around" play.

I agree with you. Continue to start Mathews ( who was going through concussion protocol at the end of the game but also did a post- game interview posted on the site so seems to be OK) but also be willing to change up the game plan with Harris or possibly Masoli. Personally I thought that the team might have already done this but he did play well against Saskatchewan and in Montreal (a tough place to win) so they obviously decided to let him carry on. However he appears to have become more tentative with his play, especially after making a mistake, made most apparent in yesterday's game. A couple of those later sacks were simply a matter of him hanging on to the ball too long. If they want to claim the East again and have the bye, then I think becoming more creative with the use of the QB talent is the best way to go.

I don’t think Masoli gives us a better chance to win, but I wouldn’t mind seeing that Wildcat package we used a couple of years ago near the end of the season in Guelph. If Matthews is struggling (as he was yesterday), I think having Masoli in for a series or two running the Wildcat with himself, Banks, Sinkfield, and Gable all as options to run the ball is at least worth a shot. Gives the opposing defence a different look to deal with, and gives Matthews a little time on the sideline to regroup. Maybe Harris is able to run the Wildcat as well?