Does Maas even try??

I have not been critical of Maas on these posts but after watching Maas today he doesn't even look like he is trying.
He looks so pathetic week after week he should be embarrassed to show his face in Hamilton or anywhere! Time to go Maas!

Okay, they are now saying on CHML that Maas has been playing injured all along, an injury, in Ronny's words that he "will have the rest of his career".

Okay, then if he is injured and this is how he will play and it is a career injury, then, A=B B=C and thus, A=C - IE: career ENDING injury!

Why is he playing? Bad luck, I feel bad for him but the fans deserve a chance!! Lancaster, foot in mouth again - somebody please say my critical thinking is flawed, please, I must be delusional....

Hmmm did he fumble the ball deep in thier end to kill a drive ?? No, that was the runner up to player of the year last season !!!!!!

maas = joke

Sure it is all Holmes fault...Holmes is not the problem, Maas is a big problem!!

I hope its not his shoulder or he won't be able to throw the long ball.

If he cant count on people to hang onto balls and refs to make obvious calls deep in the endzone what can the man count on ???

Habman, I respect your opinion but I think you are giving Maas to much credit.
He is our QB and he needs to start acting like it!

fumbles are gonna happen in every game.Thats not the problem,Maas's inability to throw the deep ball or move out of the pocket when theres preasure is the problem.If he is injured he needs to sit...........

Maas can’t hit players deep with the ball when they’re on the fly. Thats a big problem which means he’s a big problem. Hope he finds a nice home for next year cause it wont be here.

Vampiro here,

Listen, I think we've seen everything we need to see so far. The season is lost and Jason Maas has not demonstrated the moxy to be a starter in Hmailton. His confidence is shot, his play calling abilities are suspect and it's obvious after this latest loss to the Argos that his deep ball is weak. It's about time that the Ti-Cats audition others at the QB posistion. Some may argue that Maas is a good QB who is just enduring a prolonged slump and that may be the case. However, the situation has soured so much in Hamilton that he should not return to the team. The Ti-Cats would be wise to expose him in the dipersal draft if Ottawa returns and hope he is selected. Yes, he may bounce back to form, but it isn't going to happen in Hamilton; the trust and confidence that management, fans and Maas had in his abilities is gone and won't return while he is in a Tabbie uniform. Search your heart, soul and mind and you'll come to the conclusion that The Vampiro is right. Thank you and goodbye.

he's right!

Maybe Warren Moon will come out of retirement
heck I may even call my old highschool QB to see if he would be available as a walk on!!

I firmly believe Mass is still hurt from that hip-pointer/abdomen injury against Montreal..don't forget we lost some close games before that game.
The only thing I don't get..why he is playing injured....he can not have lost all his ability to throw deep!

Maas is hurt and Ron should make him sit out until hes better. At least we'd have a reason for playing badly. Maas wants to play so badly he'd have to be killed before he would take himself out. wakeup Ron.

Lancaster wont sit his starting Q.B.
Thats part of our problem,anyother team would have sat him down by now.