Does Johnny Start against the Cats?

Do you think Sherman will start Manziel against the TiCats? Will he take the chance or will he start Adams and bring JF in with some packages? What would you do?

There is already a thread/poll on this issue.

Out of fairness to his athletes. I would not start him until he was the best quarterback in practice. I would treat every player on the roster the same way. That's the only way a football team can make progress.

Well I’m narrowing it down to this week only.

While most of us are anxious to see Johnny play, I wonder if starting him against Hamilton is the best option. Unless he's exceptional during this week practices, I would wait to name him the starter; this does not mean that I would not give him some plays and send him on the field on occasions judged appropriate.

I definitely don't see Vernon Adams Jr. as the future QB, but I don't think that he's the main culprit for last Thursday's lost. As written before, Bede,the offensive line,the receivers and the defence all played a more important role in the defeat.

This week will be interesting.


I agree. Had Bede done his job and Harper not been a Hot Dog. Your team would have put up at minimum a season high 34 points.

Can add costly penalties to that list as well.

John Lu and Herb saying Manziel is taking 1st team reps.

Sheldon, Thank you for the reports

Hey I`m also excited about seeing Johnny. Just feel that it has to be tempered by the reality of the Als situation. His performance will hinge on his receivers, o-line and the play calling. None of which Als fans have been spoiled by recently.

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To answer the OP's question, no.

Vernon deserves another week.

But Manziel should get some reps.

Herb will say anything...I believe John Lu

I believe Herb.

Didier Orméjuste a aussi confirmé que Manziel s’entraîne avec les partants, alors pas besoin de se demander qui est le plus fiable entre Lu et Zurkowsky. Orméjuste rapporte aussi que le général Sherman n’a pas encore choisi son partant pour vendredi.

You don't even know who Herb is but keep on trollin'

In case you were wondering...


“When we play this game on Friday, we will have two quarterbacks. The one who can best help us win the game will start.? - Coach Sherman to the media after practice on Monday.

I don't know if the link will work if you don't follow the Als on Facebook

Translation: Mike Sherman is not going the name the starting QB until the last minute because of competitive reasons. Obviously, the HC does not care about sales or marketing. And that is with Johnny Manziel taking the majority of 1st team reps today.

There was no chance Manziel was starting the last game because the reps went to Matt Shiltz on day 1 and surprisingly Vernon Adams on Day 2.

Even if Sherman will not come out and say so, it will be virtually guaranteed that Manziel starts if he gets the most 1st team reps for the remaining 2 practices before the Ti-Cats game.

For anyone interested in a little Alouette/Tiger-Cat/CFL history, in 1962 the Als were also preparing 2 QBs to play the Tiger-Cats.

Only in this case it was having the 2 QBs (Sandy Stephens & Joe Francis) on the field at the same time. I vaguely remember that they had limited success with it.

I cant link the article so youll have to scroll to P. 14.

Adams said fans hurt his feelings chanting “We want Johnny”. :-[