Does it matter who the Argos defense smears?

I don't think that the quarterback is the problem. The other teams have been penetrating as if we didn't have an offensive line.

All Printers is is a fresh victim

you'll remember the 2004 Lions had no Oline either though...

Fresh Victim with LEGS!

Edited to suit my interpretation!!

Who needs receivers.. we have enough running legs to run our way to

I hope that he is fast enough to throw the ball to himself. LOL

yep did kerry joseph a lot of good in ottawa, then he goes to sask with a good offence and suprise 1st place.

we don't need lumsden or a running game we don't need to upgrade our receivers we don't need a competent o/c because...
we got casey printers!boy that was easy.

I think that I saw somewhere that Jason Maas got traded to Montreal last night for a running back. I can't find out who. Is he any good?

I think that the real reason for the trade was the prospect of 15,000 people at the last five Cats home games. The crowd didn't really seem like it was in the game Monday.

it was salary dump

I notice that it isn't getting a lot of coverage. Jason says that he might not report. That might be the end of his career, to say nothing of his paycheck.

His only move is to report. He didn't wind up smelling like a rose with the Cats offense. I keep hearing that he is slow to get the ball off.

i could use smell and cats offence in the same sentence but the word i'd use wouldn't be rose

The guy that they got is Jeff Piercy. He has gained about a hundred yards in his one and a half year career. He was used by the Als mostly on special teams.

we actually could use a backup fullback non import unless you want to resign kojo.
i know kori has good hands and is a big blocking back but i find it a waste and i think rads is good enough and that import spot can be filled with a decent import receiver

Never a great scrambler, the arm that once tossed for 5,274 yards for the Eskimos never crossed the Ontario border with him. Arriving in Hamilton, his throws often lacked zip and hung up too long, giving defences time to react. So, the gun-shy Cats essentially abandoned the deep ball altogether.

With no fear of being burned downfield, opposing defences became increasingly bold. In each of his last three games, the other team's head coach made no secret of the fact that the game plan was to stop the running game of Jesse Lumsden, apparently unconcerned Maas could beat them through the air.

Good article in the Spectator. Pretty much sums up Jason Maas and why I'm not ready to blame the O line. I think we need to see how they are with a quarterback that can put some fear into the defence before we can judge them.

It's also only his second year in the league and I don't think that Ti-cats are satisfied with the amount of player development they are doing.

If the Cats draw 25,000 at their next home game, and would have drawn 15,000 if they did nothing. The 10,000 extra tickets at $30 a ticket pay for printers for the rest of the year just by itself.

I think they knew they HAD to do something, like this week!!!

we have a bingo!

I looked at the Spec article. I don't disagree. It's a break for them that it's too late to use Printers Saturday. They can debut him the following week at home.

Gotta go, have a good day.

yes ,
Quarterback was the problem for the Cats. So the front office did what they had to do, sign a great quarterback. It`s as simple as that!!!