Does Hamilton have an exhibiton park???

This might be a little off topic, but....Having only been to Hamilton only once, I was wondering if your city had an exibition park. Maybe that would be something that the city council would want to look at that as a long range plan. You could then put your new stadium there. Like Calgary with Stampede Park, Vancouver with their Pacific National Exhibition, Ottawa and Landsdown Park, and of course Toronto. You could have your own Exhibiton. You could build it up, design it with car racing in mind, have room to put in a new arena when you have to replace Copps Collisium. That could be the place to be in the summer. I know that this does not serve the immediate need, but it might be something to keep in mind.

Good idea, just not sure what Hamilton could put on exhibit.
Steel-making? Nah, gone.
Pro-active, decisive city council? Um, no.
Mums (the flower)? Wow. (what is the opposite of bolding, so you can signify something as trivial?)
HMCS Star and Haida? For sure.
Warplane heritage? Already got it, just needs a flying Arrow.
The best football team in the CFL? Within a year or two.
The best football fans in the CFL? Yup, but I'm not ready to get stuffed.

Maybe I should have said 'fair grounds' instead of 'exhibition park'

Gage Park...but you ain't gettin' nuttin' else in that place.

We have nothing similar to what your speaking of.

8) What about Gore Park ??? :wink:
 That is daily exhibition in itself  !!!!     <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: -->