Does Hamilton deserve to host 2 grey cups in three years?

Hamilton was awarded the 2023 Grey Cup! Which I think is well deserved… Whose next in line? What city deserves to host the ‘24 grey cup or which city would you like to see host?

Montreal has gone the longest since 2008, so I think they are over due but I’d love to see Vancouver host one again.

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I think having Hamilton hosting it is the right call here.

Moving forward, I would like to see it in Montreal next since it's been so long but still give the new ownership time to rebuild the franchise.

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Do they deserve it? Depends on how well they host this year.

doesnt matter to me, but wondering why?

Because of Covid hampering the event this year, I think they do deserve it again soon.

For 2024, I'd prefer to see the game go West again. And if Montreal wants and is able to host for 2025, then they should be a shoe-in.


Host cities need to have a visible infrastructure and a decent stadium.

Hamilton has neither.

Can’t have the Grey Cup in a city that only has a couple of motels and a Holiday Inn. Or an airport that only handles a half dozen flights a day.

And can’t have the biggest game of the year in a dinkified little 20,000 seat bandbox with a couple hot dog stands and a few carts selling stale popcorn as “amenities”.

Toronto is obviously the ideal location based on infrastructure, but BMO Field is just as bad as TimHorton’s Dump is.

Winnipeg and Regina have nice stadiums - - although somewhat small - - but a complete lack of infrastructure eliminates both of them.

BC is by far the best suited host city.

This is why Grey Cup revenue sharing would be in every team’s best interest.

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And you have to have the GC in a City that actually gives a shit. That’s why the Cups hosted by the less fashionable Cities have been the most memorable. All the infrastructure in the World matters for nothing if the locals don’t care. Lipstick on a pig…or a Hogtown as it were


We're on the same page here. Rabid CFL football cities ought to be rewarded more often with hosting privileges (and vaccinated for rabies). :smiley: :+1:


Not sure if you’ve ever been to any of the smaller villages trying to host a Grey Cup, but getting flights and accommodation in Winnipeg and Saskatchewan was an absolute embarrassment.

Getting out of Winnipeg after the game, I had to rent a vehicle and drive to Thunder Bay. Getting into Regina, I ended up having to fly into Saskatoon then renting a vehicle and driving to Regina.

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I guess everything was booked solid. That's good for the locals. Not so good for last minute fans trying to get in and out of the host city. Your situation ought to be addressed. It sounds like we prairie dogs could have handled things better. :thinking:

Maybe we should hold a GC in Area 51. Lots of flight activity and the locals are out of this World friendly

Hamilton only has a couple of motels?

Since when?

@Area51, you still living in 1998?

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And as far as getting in and out of Hamilton on flights Pearson airport is only a 50 minute drive away -Canada's busiest airport.

And Go Train service is now hourly between Hamilton and the City that says it’s World Class. Lots of expensive Hotels there for the status seekers who are the true backbone of Grey Cup festivities

before covid at least 50% of my flights were in and out of Hamilton....

very easy to get to Vancouver, Edmonton, and Calgary from Hamilton....maybe not Saskatchewan cause's Saskatchewan.

Not sure about the Peg.

If Hamilton, Ontario has statistically the best weather in late November/early December (excluding BC being indoors), then yes Hamilton should be in the running for hosting almost every year.

Departing Winnipeg traveling to what city??
Logistics isn't your strong point I guess

I'd be in favor of this for the Grey Cup:

The better team with the better paid attendance between the two teams throughout the entire season gets to host the game. There is no predetermined location. One of the teams in the Grey Cup gets to host.

To keep things fair, the visiting team gets the choice of sideline/lockerroom accommodations of the home team's facility. In addition, the home team MUST spend the same amount of time in a local hotel before the game as much as the visiting team (3 days?). The home team cannot have its players staying home in their own personal homes.

say what now?

More of the CFL licking Bob Young's boots. :roll_eyes: