Does Giudugli have chance to make team as backup quarterback


 I love this forum and the CFL because so many more players from the small schools who are not on tv, get a much fairer shot than they do at the NFL, where money is so often the determiner over who makes the team, not always ability.

  But I digress. I saw Gidulgi play for U of Cincinatti at a bowl game at ford field in Detroit. He was really good, had nfl tryouts, played arena ball and got signed by the Lions because of injury

Does he have a chance to make it as a backup qb?

tommy in metro detroit

Wouldn't it be nice if the Lions had ONE QB that was strong enough and experienced enough to get us to the Big Dance in Montreal?

Well I just hope that if you do have such a QB, that it turns out to be either Pierce or Jackson.

This third guy, I can neither spell nor pronounce his name, so the sooner he is gone from the CFL the happier I'll be ! :smiley:

Oddly, BC allowed Sankey (the more experienced QB) to go to Calgary where he quickly became #2 QB (temporarily). Buono tends to favor young unknown players who might be underrated.

When you look at the CFL quarterbacks who have, over the years, developed into stars under Buono's tutelage, it is quite an impressive list. I don't think there is any CFL coach in history who can match his record in this regard....Dickenson, Pierce, Jackson, Printers, Garcia, Flutie, Burris.......who did I miss?

Flutie was already a star.

Pierce and Jackson are not quite there yet.

Printers was a one yr fluke.