Does Gass's suspention defer to this week????

looks like Gass is going through players independant arbitration. So he will most likely play against the Riders.

No question the Esks are beat up on defence. Old Danny is gonna struggle just to show up with a full roster this week. It might be a good idea for Gass to appeal a second time. :lol:

He did.

Now he'll miss Labour Day in Calgary.

Gass is expected to play Saturday.

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**edit....dag-nabbit, beat me by just a minute.....

Well, here's hoping the gamble pays off. :smiley:

The rational part of me wonders if Gass would take desperate measures such as these should the Esks not already be thin positionally.....I would think not.....

Well, with a bye week after this one, they're probably hoping to get another body either healthy, or into camp and coached up by Labour Day.

It's been a weird year for injuries all 'round.

I am sorry, but I have to say this. Does the CFL really see how bad it looks to suspend a player for one game, but not have it served for three weeks. That looks completely horrible. Normally I try to defend the CFL against those who say this is a bush league, but with moves like this, defending gets to be quite tough.

Yeah, this really does make the league, the players association, and A.J. look really bush league.

It is great that A.J. and the Eskimos have the right to appeal the suspension and then have that decision reviewed, but everyone knows the only reason why they are doing it is because the timing lined up so that he could play last week and this week and then enter the bye week and the team can get healthy for Labour Day.

The precedent has been set in the past for helmet tossing, his reputation as a player has always been dodgy, and now A.J. and the Eskimos are playing coy saying they are baffled by the whole thing even though A.J. apologized to his teammates about the situation right after it happened.

The bottom line is he acted out of control and reckless and if he had let go of that helmet a fraction of an inch earlier or later the league is dealing with an unconscious person on the sideline or in the stands.

Grow up and take the suspension like the man you say you are!

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Um... It's not about "being a man." It's about him doing what he can to help his team while it goes through a number of injuries. If their defence wasn't so weak due to injuries right now, he probably would take the suspension.

That's exactly the point, Chief....he should face up to the consequences of his actions regardless of the situation his team is in.....

Don't k,id yourself, this isn't A.J. deciding this on his own. Someone in the Eskimo organization is telling exactly what he is to do.

Absolutely - but that, in my opinion, doesn't make it more acceptable that this is going on so fact, it's almost worse.....

Every league has an appeals process for things like this, but only the CFL gets accused of being "bush league" when one of its players actually takes advantage of those rules.

The reality is, of all the things that are and have been wrong with the league over the years, the working relationship with its players has never been one of them.
In a world where contentious and stressful player/league relations cause other leagues to have strikes and lock-outs, the CFL has had a cordial relationship with its players.
The appeals process is there to protect the players, and I don't care why even a goof-ball like Gass is making his decisions, he is still entitled to his day.

Anyway, I do not see how this gives the league any credibility problems.

I don't disagree with you. Tough part is, they're not breaking any rules, they're using those that are provided. If it was Fred Perry 4 weeks from now, and we're two weeks from getting TJ back, we'd probably do the same thing....and well we should.

The culprit is the CFL that allows this much time between steps. You can appeal, you can arbitrate, mediate, whatever, give the players all the avenues of appeal they are entitled to, but it shouldn't have to be spread out over 3 weeks. The NHL can get stuff done in a couple days, we should be no different.

IMO, they should get rid of the abritration process for suspensions. Just give the player an appeal and be done with it. If they need the abriration process, at least be speedy about it- find an independent abritrator to make a decision quickly.

Speed is the point I think. Getting rid of the process doesn't happen unilaterally - it's a bargaining issue with the CFLPA.

If the players thinks it benefits them, fine. But why can't an arbitration hearing be held with 48 hours of the verdict on the appeal? Why is this such an impossibility?

Wow! Didnt realize AJ Gass was that amazing a player. he is the difference between winning and losing for his whole team. Guess he will be the Eskimos entry for MVP this year.

It's not that he's that's that the entire roster has been decimated....

Artie has essentially touched on the point that I think is the most unacceptable of this whole situation. When there is a problem, you deal with it, fast and fair. Let there be an appeal, let there be arbitration, but just get it done. At most this should have spanned over one game, not two and definitely not three (if it comes to that).

Imagine if a school, a student was suspended for some reason, but it took two and a half weeks before the 'process' wrapped up and the suspension was served. By that point, it is so far removed from the incident, the consequence doesn't seem to be linked to the action anymore.

In the end, if they had done all of this FASTER, I would not be complaining about their process.