Does Gass's suspention defer to this week????

Does anyone in Edmonchuk know what the league decided about Gass's appeal? My sources said we'd know Monday but no word yet. Someone call Jason Gregor. AHAHAHAHAHA


Apparently I answer my own questions. I learned a valuble lesson tonight and thats to check the other posts first.

The gamble didnt pay off after all. Some would say his presence last week was key but if Hamilton posed problems for the green and gold wait until Saturday. Gass wont play against the Riders on the road this week. Wonder if he'll be at Casino Regina waiting for a river card?


That was such a stupid thing to do... He should hav ejust been a man and taken the suspension, especially now that the Esks have to face a West team...

I think he did it so he could play against Hamilton. With how beat up they are, they wanted the best possible chance to get the W and that was with Gass in the lineup. As for this weekend.... they lost three more starters against Hamilton, SK is on fire right now, and although nothing in the CFL is guaranteed, this will be a much more difficult game to win. So his options are fight it further and play this weekend and likely (I say likely because of the situation not because of my bias so don't jump down my throat EE fans) still lose, or sit out his suspension and be fresh and distraction free against Calgary on Labour Day when they will hopefully have a healthier lineup. I personally think it was a good strategy.... especially considering how well he played against Ham.

Go Riders!!

I said in the other thread that it was a questionable move, and now I know it was not a smart move by the Esks or Gass. They are going to have trouble finding enough players to play, and Gass would have been better off to not play against the Cats.

Maybe, but had he not played against the cats (or not played so well), there is a good chance they would not have held on to that 2 point lead.... he played a big part in stopping Lumsden. So he misses that game and maybe they lose. Then he plays this weekend against a much better team with a more depleted lineup and they lose still (hypothetically).... I personally think it was a good move.

Go Riders!!

I agree that it was a good move. The home wins are important. Last season Edmonton was 5-4 at home. If we want to make the playoffs, we have to improve that record, and we can't improve it if we're losing to the Cats.

I'm a big Edmonton fan, but even I can realize we don't have much of a chance at beating Saskatchewan. We had a better shot at beating Hamilton.

Personally I don't think the CFL should even allow an appeal unless there are some grounds for it. The suspension was consistent with every other instance of helmet throwing the league has dealt with in the past.

Allowing an appeal with no foundation essentially allows the offender to decide which game he will serve his suspension in. Do the courts allow criminals to decide which twenty years they will spend in prison?

Well said my man! Love those cute lil' Tabbies of urs too...see you in the fall!


Ah, but here is the rub.
It is upon appeal that "foundation" is established.
I suspect the appeal process is part of the contract the league has with the players, and I can't say as I have a problem with it.
Sure teams/players can manipulate the timing to their best effect, but so what?
The league is trying to discipline players, not wreak havoc upon a teams chances to win.

The players’ rights regarding appeals os suspensions, etc. are set forth in the CFLPA’s CBA with the league. It is a protective measure the players bargained for and got.

I don’t mind the process…I just don’t know why the appeal can’t be heard in the week the initial suspension was made, thereby eliminating the “choice” a player may have in terms of which game to sit.

In this case, the league took a few days to make the initial decision, so isn’t it unfair to force the team and the player to then counter immediately?
Plus I buy into the fact that not knowing how the process would go hampered the teams ability to properly prepare for the upcoming game.
Some games are only 4 or 5 days apart. It is tough to allow all parties concerned enough time to properly make their case in that time period.
And as long as it doesn’t drag out over several games, big deal.
Like I said, it is about discipline, not an attempt to actually affect the outcome of games. Allowing teams a little leeway in preparation for such suspensions doesn’t seem unreasonable.
And as all teams can so manipulate the suspensions, it is an even playing field.

I heard on the radio today that Gass is practicing for this weekends game. The announcer was speculating that he may be doing an arbitation route. Not sure about that tho

I agree with what Arius said. They're penalizing the player, not the team. It was Gass who threw the helmet, not the entire Eskimo team.

And about Big Dave's comment. It's not about a criminal deciding which 20 years he wants to serve. While I'm not totally up on the criminal justice system, I'm pretty sure once someone is convicted, they can choose to appeal the conviction. But the two are completely different and can't be compared.

Every penilty a player gets effects the team. So should we just do away with penilties?

No, but it still seems reasonable to allow a team more than two days to replace a player.
The short timeframe was an unnecessary penalty to the team.

If 1 player effects a team so drastically, maybe you should take a look at your depth.

Can't argue with that!

In Edmonton's defence (and I'll now need to go take a shower), they are really beat up on defence right now and if Gass couldn't play last game, I am not sure if they had another linebacker....

Then Gass needs to learn some disipline. And thats part of a coaches job.

more... he knew his team was beat up. he should control himself better.