Does game clock run on converts?

Noticed the game clock was running on converts in the Edmonton vs. Hamilton affair - BUT NOT in the Winnipeg vs. Montreal tilt.

Anyone know the actual rule? Is there one?

I noticed that too. I didn't think it was supposed to run during converts but I noticed it happen a couple of times last year as well. I'm sure there's a rule but I don't know what it says for sure.

Yes the game clock runs on converts except for after the 3 minute warning.

Years of playing Madden has indoctrinated many of us to American clock rules.

Other peculiarities in Canadian clock rules include the game clock running from the start of the play clock on every play except after the 3 minute warning. The game clock will stop after an incomplete pass, score, play out of bounds, penalty, end of quarter, 3rd down kicking substitutions etc but will start again once the play clock is blown in. The exception to this is on a kickoff where the game clock won't start until the ball is first touched following the kick. If a play ends with an open field tackle and none of the aforementioned clock stopping conditions, the game clock runs uninterrupted until the first stoppage at the end of the quarter or under 3 minutes in the half.

In American football scoring, turnovers, incomplete passes etc stop the game clock until the next snap irrespective of whether or not the 2 minute warning has been called.

Rule 1 Section 7 Article 4:

"After a touchdown, time shall stop and shall resume when the Referee declares the ball in play for a convert attempt, except during the last three minutes of a half, when time shall resume when the ball is touched on the ensuing kickoff. "

This is one of the clock rules that drives me nuts. Converts are the least interesting and most predictable plays in the game, an afterthought to something important that just happened. The clock running during converts makes little to no sense, and I'm pretty sure is a change that happened within the past 10-20 years. We need more plays from scrimmage, but eating up 15-35 seconds of clock on a convert reduces the time available for real plays.

Wonder if there's a simple solution to this. If I was commissioner I'd deem 2 different type of after-point. If its a simple 32 yarder for the 1 pointer I'd freeze the clock - its not really a football play, its an afterthought.

However, if a team declares intent to go for 2 pts from the 3 - then time should be blown in.

Also, in last 3 minutes - if one team is up on another by 3 scores or more - (ie. a rout) then soccer time rules should apply - just keep running the clock in real time - only exception being time-outs.

On the converts - if time is blown in a team could conceivable run 19 sec. off the clock before snapping and another 2 or 3 sec. for the kick itself - that's 21 to 22 seconds burned for an afterthought.

The convert is a football play - so IMO the clock should run. On a missed convert that the other team returns 110+ yards for two points - doesn't it make sense the clock should be running for that long a play?

And besides the games are already often lasting over 3 hours we don't need anything to be making them longer.

Absolutely converts are a football play, it's live. But I wouldn't get too carried away with this being an issue of making the game that much longer, it's not like it's a bunch of down time. Baseball games often run long when a game goes into extra innings and I don't hear a lot of complaints about that.

It can result in a defensive score and you can gain stats on O, so the clock runs.