Does Durant need a quarterback coach?

I think he could benefit from having such a guy with him on the sideline. Since Crandell is gone and Dave Dickenson is content in Calgary, who else comes to mind? My next choice would be one Danny McManus from Hamilton. He is a smart, heady guy who knows this game and that position. I believe he still lives and works in Hamilton, either in broadcasting or the Ti-cats front office. Could we get him interested in doing this as a consultant this season, possibly leading to guest coaching at next year's training camp, evolving into quarterback coach next season evolving into offensive coordinator possibly evolving into head coach at some point? Does anyone else think this would be worth exploring, could it work, and could it benefit Mr. Durant? Your thoughts and comments would be appreciated. This is just my dream and I have no idea if Danny Mac has any interest in coaching. I dare to dream this dream for the benefit of the Riders and our star quarterback. Your thoughts and comments on this idea and candidate or other candidates would be appreciated.