Does Dickenson belong in the hall

22k…passing yardd
1 Grey Cup.
That is not a hofer. He could have had way better numbers,but wasting two years in the NFL and the injuries did him in…

well, he does have some records

Highest Pass Completion Percentage, All-Time Regular Season:
(minimum 1000 attempts)

67.5 Dave Dickenson Calgary, B.C. (1997-2000, 2003-2008)
67.3 Ricky Ray Edmonton (2002-2003, 2005-2008)
61.7 Jeff Garcia Calgary (1994-1998)

Highest Pass Completion Percentage, Regular Season:
(minimum 300 attempts)

73.98 Dave Dickenson B.C. (2005)
70.41 Dave Dickenson B.C. (2006)
69.90 Ricky Ray

Highest Passing Efficiency Rating, Regular Season:

118.8 Dave Dickenson B.C. (2005)
115.0 Casey Printers B.C. (2004)
114.1 Dave Dickenson Calgary (2000)

Not to mention he has proven himself worthy on the sidelines as well.

Of course he is a HOF. Guy was a great passer, put up great numbers and won every year he was in the league.

Of Course !!!

What a great player he was

The only one I would question is Makowsky... he was good, but not HOF good, IMO...

Really? 7 Time West Div All Star, 5 Time CFL All Star, Won the top Olineman award twice. Definitely worthy.

I do believe he should be in.
What I will never understood is how he gets in on a first ballot vote whereas Damon Allen didn't.
Allen had the all time passing stats at the time. Won 4 GC with 4 different teams. Was GC MVP in 3 games. Think of that for a second.
He was criticised for probably his greatest trait....his longevity.

The only guy I know that is voting for HOF inductees is Matt Dunigan and I know he was always choked that Esks traded him opting to stay with Allen. Have no idea if this was an issue but it just seems an odd slight.
Not stating that Dickenson should have to have waited. Just highlighted to me the Allen oddity.

don't know why dunigan would be choked. when you look at what and who all he was traded for, its got to be a big compliment of his worth.

I can't even see how this is even a question. But then again it's a Mr. Bungle thread....

I think it's pretty safe to say he will make it in as builder as well one day...

Then why isn't Tom Burgess in.. He threw for 30000 yards and was instrumental in back to back Grey Cups.
Burgess deserves it more than Dickenson.

I voted 'nay' for basically the reasons listed in the OP.

He was a great QB and I was a big fan, but he just didn't accomplish enough (as a player, we'll see what he does in coaching) due to injuries and his break from the league.

I don't think it's an outrage to have him in the hall by any means, but I wouldn't consider him to be an all-time great, which is what I think the HoF should be for.

No question… I put him in the same category of Qbs as Hall of famers when he played. The reality though is that the guy barely played 100 games…

If that is the case, then half of the HOF should have their membership revoked.

No doubt, Dickenson is neither the first nor the last inductee that I would disagree with.

The real problem is that the CFL inducts a similar amount of members every year that the NHL does.. Obviously the league is alot smaller so you get quite a few fringe players like Dickenson getting in Warren Moon had even fewer yards than Dickenson,but like it or not,his NFL numbers were surely taking into consideration. Plus he started on 2 Grey Cup teams and won the MOP the following season. I do not have a problem with Moon being in the Hall despite having inferior statistics to Dickenson. The CFL should start inducting only 3 players a year and a builder every other year. Stephen Brunt is in the Hall for Christ sakes

Of course he belongs in the hall. He was one of the top 3 QBs of his era. To even question his induction is totally ridiculous.

Bungle has a point. The Canadian Football Hall of Fame is a lot easier to get into than some other Hall of Fames. By those more liberal qualification standards - Dickenson does belong. He'd be in much tougher trying to qualify for some other Hall of Fames where only a handful make it each year out of players from upwards of 30 teams instead of just 8 or 9 teams.

Heck so far only ONE Blue Jays player is in the Baseball Hall of Fame from their almost 40 years of existence (Robbie Alomar) - even though they've won two World Series and have had some great players over those years.

Who was it? Dan Shulman? I can't remember. He once said that HIS personal criteria for voting someone into the baseball HoF was simply whether or not he felt that the player was one of the top 3 at his position during his era.

I like that criteria, in fact I might even go top 5 myself, and by that criteria Dickenson belongs. 1 AC, 2 Ray, 3 Dickenson.

If one wants to argue that the CFL has less teams it should have less indcutees, then how would one reduce the inductees? Top 2 by position/era? Top 1? Plus the fact that the league may have 9 teams to MLB's 30, but the rosters are almost twice the size as well (at least in modern times) which is still a smaller significantly pool of players but not nearly a 30:8 ratio, more like 2:1. And I refuse to compare CFL HoF to NHL HoF because the NHL's induction consistency is garbage (Dick Duff but not Paul Henderson? puhlease!). CFL's threshhold is pretty consistent.