Does CFL get many players from the Arena League


  Its been awhile since I have been on the board, but I was just wondering if the CFL got many players from the Arena League.  It would seem like a natural progression for me.

  Would love to hear from others who know more about this.

Tommy in detroit

naah, once a player plays in arena, they are considered defective.

Im not sure, there is definitely a page long list over the last 20 years. But notice Tommy's signature. Notice how sufficient it is. LOL!!!


The Argos have brought in several Arena players over the years. QB Michael Bishop, CB Khahil Carter, S Chuch Winters and (traded to Edmonton) CB Jordan Younger. Probably because Rich Stubler coached in the AFL and knew how good some of these players are.

Don't know about other teams, but there are probably more.