Does Burris think Dunigan is racist?

I think Burris' comments on Saturday were mostly a product of fear of potentially losing his starter's job to Harris sooner than expected, but I also got the strong feeling there's something going unsaid re: Burris' perception of animosity from Dunigan. I've never met either one of them, so I don't know what the reality is, but I got the feeling there's something Henry's feeling that he's leaving unsaid.

People like you make it about race, which is why it's an issue in the first place, and shouldn't be.

Burris has proven by his previous comments that he can't handle public criticism. Dunigan's honesty should not be perceived as racist. No more than Lawrence's tackle last year was nothing other than a clean attempt to bring down this whiner.

If you want to play professional sports than you need to carry yourself as a responsible adult. If not, go find a beer league.

IMO, Dunnigan doesn't speak well of any QB who has a better record or that shows more potential than he does or did. Regardless of colour or race.

Is Ricky Ray questioning the role of religion in his life?

Does Kevin Glenn worry about the state of the nation that can nominate Donald Trump?

Does Drew Willy think his coach didn’t give him a fair shake?

Is Zach Collaros fully confident that his knee is as good as new?

Does Mike Reilly think the Kardashians share too much?

Always fun to speculate about the innermost thoughts of QBs.

Dunigan is 10x the qb Hank is.

I'm just saying Dunigan would probably agree, Burris would say it is just another example of people showing him disrespect (and after he turned around the Hamilton franchise), and safetyblitz might wonder if your comments are based on race? :smiley:

That's really funny! Thanks for the Monday afternoon laugh!

You have given this deep thought. Excellent questions! I'm sure if any of those issues become contentious you will have no shortage of forum reader replies either. :cowboy:

I missed the on-air "display" by Burris..
But have seen enough reports on it.
Kinda reminded me of the "disgusting display" in the Media at last years Grey Cup. :thdn:
Had all I care to listen to, from this fool...

I hear you SJ! But as someone said earlier, it is like a train wreck that you want to avoid, but cannot look away. I'm going to try very hard, but it is like an addiction or something.