Does Bauman have the "Rick Ankeil/Steve Sax" disea

OK, so our #1 draft pick dropped another ball he could catch 100 times out of 100 in practice.

I think he has a severe case of the yipes.

Does anyone remember the Steve Sax, Rick Ankeil story.
Steve Sax was an all star 2nd baseman who all of a sudden many years in to his career could not throw a ball to first base anymore.
He would take the easiest opportunity, and throw it in to the stands. It ruined his career.

There is a classic feel good story going on in baseball right now.
St. Louis called up a young 21 year old superstar pitcher to pitch in the playoffs.
He then went on to completly lose the ability to throw a ball anywhere close to the strike zone, and set an all time record for most wild pitches.
He stopped pitching, and has made it back up to the majors as an outfielder and has been great.

No I am not truly saying that Bauman is to that degree...yet , but who knows???

So are you saying that Bauman is going to go to the Arena league and learn how to play DE and come back next year and lead the league in sacks ala Ankiel hitting bombs??? Just wondering?

Bauman will be fine. Even the great Jerry Rice had a rough rookie season.

Kid is young he well get better
But in the Mean time if Gardner is Healthy Start him over Bauman

Bring the kid in off the bench Right now he is Shell Shocked.a few Catches off the Bench well bring back his Swager

The Ankiel and Sax stories involve ball players unable to throw accurately enough to perform at their positions.

Receivers can get the dropsies, especially as young players. Bauman is going to be fine, I believe. His block yesterday (the receiver block of the year in the league, I believe) made up for a lot of the setbacks so far.

You do not throw a first-rounder to the curb midway through his first year. That would be just plain nuts.

Oski Wee Wee,