Does anyone think Lumsden will try the NFL next year ?

Unfortunately I think he will

I don't know, Jesse seems to be enjoying his newfound fame with the Cats. If he keeps playing the way he has been, he'll be a star in this league in no time.

Is it worth giving that up to be a second or third string running back in the NFL?

It basically comes down to what he values more. Does he want to become a household name and legitimate superstar in the CFL, or does he want to collect 10 times what he'd make up here to play a backup role in the NFL.

There's not really a wrong answer in this situation. You can't fault a guy for going after the money, as much as we all want him to stay.

i hope not but i would if i was him...playing in the nfl validates your talent and is an accomplishment in its own. even if your a third string back i think he wants to play at the highest level. although i do understand the arguement that he has tried twice already and why waste more time?

I don't know if I would call them failures, necessarily. It's extremely difficult for a CIS product to make the NFL. There were some American scouting reports that actually had Jesse's college listed as "(none)," talk about having a disadvantage right out of the gate.

Time for the weekly "will Lumsden try the NFL again" thread...

...what an insightful comment.

Obviously I should have preceeded my comment with "Sarcasm Alert" for those who are blind to it...

I honestly don't think he will try again. He has already went down there twice, he will be a year older, and with each passing year a new crop of young running backs comes out of college.

He has a good gig here, he gets to play for his hometown team where he grew up, makes a decent wage where he has a house, and gets to be the centrepiece of the franchise.

Does he want to give that up temporarily to be practice squad fodder?

I guess that is for Jesse to decide.

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First of all what would you call them then. lol. second it is a misconception that they care what college you go to. these scouts take pride finding diamonds in the rough. they want you to suceed because they can say i found this kid with my well trained eye. lol finally when they get into camp they have an opportunity to put their dna on film and impress the coaches obviously not as much as the draft picks but they do get their chance. im not niave to think that there is no politics in sports but i wouldnt use it as an excuse as to why jesse failed in his first two attempts.

As well, and I’m sorry to say it, but the NFL probably would not give much of a chance to a player that has been passed-over twice already.

I wouldn't call them failures because only 17 CIS players have EVER made it to the NFL, and Jesse is one of those 17. In my mind, that's a huge accomplishment.

It's next to impossible for a Canadian player to even get a look, let alone earn a spot on an NFL team. Our boy Jesse cracked the American football machine, and even though it didn't quite pan out, he has absolutely nothing to be ashamed of.

It matters a whole lot what college you went to. It's about the quality of competition you faced on film, and a guy coming out of the CIS already has a mountain to climb when he has to beat out guys from top conferences like the SEC and PAC-10. It's too harsh to call his past efforts an outright failure, considering what he's up against in the first place.

and just 'cause an teams scouting staff finds a "diamond in the rough" from Canada, doesn't necessarily mean the coaching staff is ever going to really give him a fair shot to make the team.

Look you those things are all taken into consideration but when the bring you in and sign you you get a chance to prove for the word failure maybe you are just being sensitive. i know lots of canadians that cracked the "nfl machine" Ray Thomas, Marwan Hage, Mark Moroz, to name a few and yes i do think that is a great accomplishment heck thomas was even invited to the nfl combine! but they all failed including jesse to make a squad. they didnt sucessfully get cut. so dont be so sensitive on the matter.

or wait maybe they did sucessfully get cut all a matter of perspective I guess. lol.

CIS players in the NFL:

[url=] ... 25373.html[/url]

And word to the wise, “Colorado” is not a CIS school (re: Hage).

thats great..but whats your point???

his point is that you seem to think playing for the Colorado Buffaloes and the Mcmaster Marauders puts you on equal footing for a shot at the NFL, which is ridiculous