Does anyone think Allen deserves to be in pro football hof

I know there is a poll on the site but lets discuss

nope, he had a nice CFL career, but didn't dominate, he played on too many teams and wasnt a fixture anywhere, teams weren't afraid to face him.

Ideally, the HOF would have a Canadian Division but since it doesn’t, Allen has as much chance of being inducted as I do. People up here keep saying it is the football HOF and not the NFL HOF but it really is the latter and only the latter.

Sorry Damon. You deserve to go in but it’ll be the CFL HOF for you.

An Argo fan

No big deal.

Just need to clarify if Canton is NFL HOF. It should be.

What's wrong with the Canadian football HOF?

Why this incessant need for the U.S. to acknowledge the CFL?

It's our game. Let us celebrate it.

So very true. But there has been alot of talk of him making it to Canton, first time i've heard of this of someone who spent his whole career in the CFL
Personally I think they should call the pro football hall of fame the NFL hall of fame because no player who spent their whole career here will make it. Ever


Yeah, I don't care. I know what Damon Allen has accomplished.

He knows, as do CFL fans.

I could care less what anyone else thinks.

He is what he is. A great, if not the greatest, QB to ever play football.

I have been priveleged to watch him play for so many years.

From Wikipedia:
Hamilton Tiger-Cats - In 1992, Allen signed with the Hamilton Tiger-Cats. In 18 games, Allen threw for 3,858 and 19 touchdowns, and rushed for 850 yards and 7 touchdowns, in his only season in "Steeltown." After the 1992 season, Allen was traded to the Edmonton Eskimos

I completely agree with CaptainKirk. I can understand why any player would love to be in the pro football hall of fame, especially an American. Allen is a very good quarterback and I don't begrudge him for wanting very much to be in Canton.

As a fan of the CFL, though, I wish we could celebrate what we have up here without the need to have approval from others. This is largely just a media created story on the heels of Allen breaking the record, but it's a bit of a slap in the face to us and our own Canadian Football Hall of Fame to even have so much speculation about it.

(This isn't a comment on the thread at all, Greycup06, it's a good one!)

The discussion is a non starter.
The Pro football H of F does not recognize other pro leagues. While it calls itself the "Pro" football hall of fame what it is is the NFL Hall of Fame including the AFL as a result of the merger.
To open it to Allen means they will have to amend the entire institution to every other pro league that ever existed.
That is not going to happen.

Why do people think the ultimate recognition is whatever americans think?
Who cares?, we know what his accomplisments are.

If Allen deserves to make the HOF then Doug Flutie does too!

Flutie dominated the CFL. Allen just had a long career.

captainkirk wrote-Why this incessant need for the U.S. to acknowledge the CFL?
It would be nice for American Players, who excell at pro football here in Canada, be recognized by there own Country, imo

Actually- part of the push is coming from Warren Moon who acknowledged his career in the CFL when inducted and counted his time here euqally as important as the NFL time. A lot of U.S .sportscasters were rather shocked and confused by this.