Does anyone remember..

sometime in about the last 15 yrs or so, a team had a game well in hand and the HC let the D play the last O series.

Yes! Johnny remembers.

That sounds like a fun idea, I’m sure the other team didn’t like it very much. I bet the defense had fun with it.

Could/may have been an Argonauts team that was coached by Don Mattews in 1996 or 97 :lol:

That doesn't sound quite right to me. I mean, "running up the score" is considered poor form. So is taunting. But letting your D run the offense would be just an outrageous display of poor sportsmanship and disrespect for the opponent. Technically, would it even be legal, rules-wise? I doubt it.

I wish I could remember this better.

Re legal, you can have whatever players you want on the field regardless of what position they usually play, like when a receiver goes in at db, etc. Problem may come on a passing play as to eligible recievers re uniform numbers. I am thinking that maybe they just ran running plays to kill the clock to end the game, but I just cant remember. I do not have any recollection of there being any issue raised by the other team over it.

Well, if you can personally remember this happening, that's good enough for me. Wouldn't surprise me if it was Don Matthews. He was just the right character to pull a stunt like that. They were such different times back then too, that it might not have occurred to anyone then that they should be offended. LOL. Not like now, when feelings are so easily hurt.

one of the designated qbs would have had to be under centre im thinking... if im not mistaken only in recent years can the qb not be under centre. (rules adjusted for wildcat). but then again, i have been wrong a lot on this site.

a wild guess would be that it was toronto when adrian smith played and he would have played QB. It is possible, though I cant remember, that sometimes he might have been listed as 3rd qb due to injuries, but this is just speculation. I think I can remember him having to play Qb in a game because of injuries.