Does anyone remember..........

Nord Williams? he was a slotback for the Tiger-cats and stampeders in the 80's-90's. He is a family friend of ours. Also my music teacher is dating Ben Zambiasi's daughter, and he got me his autograph!

Can't say I recall a "Nord Williams".
I remember a few Williams--BK; David, etc., but no Nord.
And I hope Ben's daughter has two eyebrows...
(Hope you realize I'm kidding about that)

Anyway, you are making me feel old....

Is this just a post count raiser.. why copy and paste your threads in BOTH AND

no just figure I'd get more replies if i did. Maybe if i posted in both someone will remember.


Didn't he play hockey with the Nordiques also? :wink:

I met Ben Zambiasi's wife while her and Ben were on the King's Forest trail there where my wife and me hike a lot. If the daughter is half as attractive as the mother, lucky guy that music teacher is!