does anyone remember........

Nord Williams? he was a slotback for the Tiger-cats and stampeders in the 90's. He is a family friend of ours. Also my music teacher is dating Ben Zambiasi's daughter, and he got me his autograph!

Nord also played in the 80's I'm pretty sure, I'll have to ask him at Christmas.

Does anyone remember Tony Champion or John Barrow?

So do I.

(Just kidding ticat111)

I'd kill for Zambiasi's autograph!

Played for the Cats in ' a RB.

Rather unspectacular in his time here and don't remember him doing anything anywhere else.

I recall Nord Williams. He came out of the CJFL, like Lee Knight, and many other home-grown Tiger-Cats. Williams was a bit of an OFC prodigy, kinda like Dave Dinnall, but he never really got the chances Dinnall would later get. If memory serves, Williams was around when Johnny Shepherd was tearing it up, so he was probably faced with a situation akin to what Davis recently found himself in, perhaps.

I have occasionally run into Williams around the GTA, and he seems to remember his Ticat days fondly.