Does Anyone Know?

I wonder what the difference between attendance and tickets sold is. The reason I ask is that I am interested to see how many of us actually paid to go to the game on Friday and how many "free" tickets were given away. This worries me a little because if we are giving away a bunch of tickets each game and we continue to play like that so people are even going to refuse the free tickets. When this happens and these (part time) fans disappear I think that we will see a real dip in attendance. I think that this is kind of like a smoke and mirrors game. I do realise that all teams do this but I have always wondered by how much. Anyway I just wanted to rant about that because if the paying customer leaves and is replaced by the free one it comes out of Youngs pocket and when they are that deep do the players understand the anger of the fans leaving or not because they are quickly replaced. I worry we get to be like the leafs where the product on the field can be sub par because it will always have a good fan base (whether paid for or free). Well I wanted to see how others thought about this?