Does Anyone Know?

I know im a month ahead of myself BUT if we win the semi final game against whoever does anyone know if the ticats or fan club would be doin a bus trip or train down to montreal?

I hope so !!

Good luck getting tickets.

The Als play in the Big O during the playoffs so getting tickets would not be a problem.

We still have a couple of games left that we need to win :wink: Particularly the Eastern Semi.

I think a train trip would be in order :thup: It would be nice if it was a Saturday trip with one overnight and the return on Sunday after the game. Saturday night in Montreal??? :thup: :thup:

thats what im hoping for woody maybe we seal it with a win and a trip to the grey cup

Anybody wanna pick me up in K-town on the way there?

I would also hope so.

I just thought I'd give this thread a bump. It's an idea that must at least be considered.

Aren't you guys getting a little ahead of yourselves?

I hope the team isn't thinking that way.

Isn’t getting ahead of oneself what being a fan is all about?