Does anyone know why Jerome Messam was run out of BC?

I’m curious … this guy is a stud.

There had been some off-field issues and attitude problems. I’m sure I read that the final straw was having a female in his room at Training Camp and the other players generally considered him unprofessional and a distraction. Here’s one of the reports written prior to his being traded:

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8) To put it bluntly, Messam is a Head Case, and a disruptive factor !!!

Messam did look good last night.

According to Ottawacat, Messam does sound like a problem child and if his teammates are complaining that's hard for a head coach to ignore. Still, Tillman is no fool, and I'm sure he did his due diligence before bringing this person on board.

Talent is a wonderful thing, I hope for the Eskimos' sake, Messam doesn't regress and end up costing them in the end.

Please stand by......

OttawaCat, the article you linked us to doesn't state that he had a women in his room at training camp.

Can you post a link to the other story you read so we can see it in writing before we judge him on that?

Here is the story

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During training camp in Kamloops, B.C., Messam was said to have been inattentive during scrimmage and to have brought a woman to his dorm room -— a violation of the training camp’s policy.

One thing about Tillman with his past issues is that Tillman might be able to relate and converse to someone like this guy and create an understanding and see the potential more. I don't know, just thinking this. :?

Nope. With the morale on the bench that wasn't there last year; the Esks believe in each other I say.
Messam = production factor :rockin:

Who hasn't looked good against us so far?

The Stamps, the Als, the Riders, the Lions the Ottawa team, the Bull Dogs...... The Green Bay Packers. ..etc.