Does anyone know the Attendance in Montreal Today?

Looks like we will see a sellout in Calgary but I didn't hear the Attendance in Montreal today. Does anyone know the number I am hoping for at least 40,000.

I thought I read somewhere that they sold about 35,000... But maybe someone else has a more concrete number.

38102.....I just got back from the game

As far as I know that’s the best crowd of all four playoff games. Should shutup the mental midgets.

It is
27493 in Wpg
30945 in SSK

Dont know what Calgary is yet

Nice crowd in Montreal considering the BIG game is really next week.
Look for 60,000 plus at that one.
Same thing happened in Toronto last year.
They had a smallish semi final crowd because most people bought Grey Cup seats thinking the Argos would be there.