Does anyone know Paul Godfrey's favourite CFL team?

With all the bashing, deservedly so I might add, that we do to our good old buddy Godfrey, does anyone know if has ever stated what his favourite CFL team is, if he even has one? I would assume it is the Argos but then with his bashing of the CFL in Toronto and "I'm an NFL guy" right there, well, maybe he is a fan of another team I don't know. Maybe one day, maybe when the Cup is there in '07, he will be seen publicly with a CFL jersey on. I very much doubt it, but then, like he says about his NFL dream, you have to dream first for anything to happen, even if it ain't going to happen.


I would guess...Saskatchewan Rough Riders. Why?

Glad you asked!

Godfrey's NFL dream is "Wait till next year."

Isn't that what the Rider fans say each year? "Wait till next Year." :wink:

Toronto in the East and Edmonton in the West, I would think. Why? those would be the only teams left if the CFL and NFL meaged IMO.

Godfery is an idoit, and coming from me, that's saying a lot.

i would guess the baltimore stallions. the closest thing to an nfl team canada will ever see

Good one!

I think Paul's favorite CFL team is any team that folds.

that would mean Montreal or Ottawa, and Montreal folded cuz the owner wanted it to so he could bring the NFL to Quebec, ans he was somewhat successful since he landed a WLAF team.

I would have to say any of the U.S.-based CFL franchises during the failed "experiment" in the '90s, probably with more emphasis on the Las Vegas Posse. Why? That lounge singer who butchered "O Canada" during their only home opener is right up the "slaughter all Canadiana" mentality the Anti-Christ seems to have.

I don't think Paulie Numbnuts could even spell "CFL", even with a two letter head start.

Another good one argofan4life and also DoubleBlue's!