Does anyone know if Hoffart was given his walking papers

The transaction page lists Hoffart as being deleted and not re-added anywhere....does this mean we released him outright. Does anyone know?

i was wondering the same thing ...

Removed from active roster for the game. He was on the active roster last week. Palmer is now on the active roster. They swapped places.

Pretty sure that is the case.
As far as I know, the coaching staff really like Hoffart, but Palmer has more experience and the injury may still be a minor concern.

must of been a timing thing as he is back in todays transactions...

What scares me is, after making 9 tackels and an interception, Stancil is injured again.
A practice injury and we lose a starter.
Pay attention 05--rotating starters and backups is one thing....but backups for starters is another...