Does anyone know Bruce's Contract with the cats?

I wanna get a bruce Jersey but I dont wanna buy it and he be a free agent in the offseason

I think he signed for two years plus an option.

When though? as far as i know we traded for him and he still has the same contract he had in Toronto. I sure he will want to resign here though because he seems to like the team and before hamilton traded for him he had said that he wanted to stay around here because this is where his family lives.

If you watch one of the original videos, Obie says something about him signing for two or three years, it wasn't very audible. It may have been on another topic, but the general interview was about bringing in ABIII.

nice i must have missed that.


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Bruce has two years plus an option remaining on his current contract that pays him in the neighbourhood of $190,000 a season.

Well guess ill help pay some of that 190k Arland Bruce Jersey here i come Now do i go away jersey or Home LOL decisions thanks for all the help guys

I like the white jersey

Away definitely is better then the home. My personal preference anyways.

Black. No question.