Does anyone know about single game tickets

Hi, I am from Regina but am hoping to come to Hamilton to see a regular season game. I am hoping for Thanksgiving but maybe Labour Day. I cannot find any information yet on the website regarding single game tickets. Does anyone have any information about tickets and attendance limits yet. As well, what would be considered to be good seats. I am hoping not to be in an endzone.

There has been no word yet (that I know of) on attendance limits or sale of single game tickets. Likely that'll be decided much closer to the start of the season and based on the pandemic status at that time. You could call the team and explain your circumstances to see what they recommend - 905-547-CATS (2287). Here is a screenshot of the stadium for season's tickets, which will help you determine where the "good" seats are (there really isn't a bad seat in the house):

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No one knows what the limits will be yet, just wait another month or so.
If you go on-line to the TSN website and look at the schedule on there, they have a button to click on that takes you directly to a teams website to buy tickets.

The links to buy tickets are broken though
(prob waiting on government)
I clicked through other night

ON has easily surpassed the goals though so its more just stalling still before they allow opening up


Ontario has approx. 3 million people fully vaccinated out of a population of about 14 million . About 64% of Ontarians have had one dose . Quebec at 68% and BC at 66% lead the one dose group .
We're slowly getting to where we have to be . :slightly_smiling_face:

Pat Lynch (the 2 Moderna guy and 7 negative tests)


Yes getting there, some of the percentages are confusing because sometime they talk about per cent of the total population and other times per cent of "eligible"
Should be using the figure 3 million out of 12 million - that's the eligible number of adults in Ontario, since they are not vaccinating under 12s.
That would be 25% and at the goal.

Over the years I have purchased SGT for a few different cities. I have always just phoned the club. Some make it easy, some don't. The girl in Winnipeg was wonderful and it was a very simple prosses. Edmonton was horrible, they used a ticket company as I recall.