Does anyone have more news about AC?

Anyone have any "scoops"?

Oui, Marc Trestman.

Mais il n'en parlera pas avant un bout de temps, parce que la récupération de Calivllo peut prendre un temps qui ne peut être déterminé à ce moment-ci. N'oublions pas que les athlètes ne récupèrent pas nécessairement au même rythme que les gens ordinaires. C'est donc au suivi que la période se précisera.

It is just about a week since Calvilo's injury. The team is not transparent with respect to us fans- this began early in the year re late announcement re new signings and now AC's injury report. A complete assessmnent of the injury should be completed by now. Sometimes though, with medical injuries, no news is good news. WE all are hoping the best for AC but, we are also very interested in seeing Leak and McPherson in action .

Well, according to TSN's report today, AC is listed as "day to day". That is one of those catch-all phrases that can mean anything or nothing.

The good news, apparently, is that we are likely to see AC back in the lineup at some point in the near future; when, exactly, we do not know. I would surely like to see AC take another run at a GC, shatter passing records...and perhaps retire in a blaze of glory with the GC hoisted above his head.

However, for AC to be able to sling the ball downfield with some zip, he needs a torso that is 100% A-OK. Will that be in time for the next game? Who knows? I hope the coaching staff will exercise all due diligence on this one. Further, the backups still need meaningful reps. While Leak did a very commendable job last game, let us not forget that he was spotted a 24-0 lead; that's a far cry from starting a game when the score is 0-0! AC had the advantage of learning from another great Als QB, Tracy Ham. For the sake of Adrian, Chris, and Ricky I would like to see them have meaningful reps while AC is there with them to help them develop.

I hope Anthony will take the time he needs to heal up, he's late thirties, the team is 6-2 there is no need to rush this, take all the time you need AC :thup: :thup:

According to RDS website Jim Popp optimistic that A.C. shouldnt be out too long. He confirmed no interest in Joseph, and that McPherson wont be taken off the 9- game list for the B.C. game because of the salary cap implications.

Jim Popp told RDS

1- That Anthonty could play the next game to a worst case of missing a couple games. He's very optimistic.

2- Kerry Joseph's agent contacted the Als when AC went down but there is nothing to offer KJ, might have been different had AC been gone for the season and the Als needed a 3rd QB for the remainder of the season.

3- AMac will not be pulled early from the 9 game as the Als would take a huge hit since his salary for 8 games would count against the cap and since AMac will need some time to clear medicals it simply is not worth it to bring him back a week early.

Cool of Jim to update the fans... :thup:

The Coles Notes version from Rue Frontenac is that A.C. will miss the B.C. game but hopes to be ready the following wk. against Ham. He was doing some light stretching and running at practice and has felt better over the last few days, except when stretching or coughing.
Trestman says that Maypray and possibly Brouillette could serve as the 3rd QB if necessary.
My gut feeling is that A.C. will miss at least 3 games. I of course hope I`m wrong.

Pardon my ignorance on this one, but on what authority is Bernard Cyr basing this? Has there been a press conference or news release?

I certainly hope that the coaching staff doesn't rush AC back into the lineup. He needs to be able to twist and bend in order to get some zip on the ball and be able to move, make his reads, and, if necessary, run. I would hate to see AC injured due to a premature insertion into the lineup. We have already seen this with Buck Pierce this season.

Marc Trestman.

Thanks Hfx. According to RDS and the TSN report on AC, he is recovering better than expected, but AC (in his own words) explained that there is still pain, especially when he coughs or sneezes. Ergo, the sternum is still tender and will require some time to heal properly. At this point, he is no condition to go out there and take hits, thereby running the risk of re-injuring the wound.

So, it's going to be the Chris Leak/Adrian Mc Pherson show for the next little while. I sincerely hope that the O coaches have been working diligently with both backups and that the O-line is adjusting accordingly. Each QB has his own style so the pass protection scheme is different. I expect that the running game will take on greater importance in the absence of AC. It appears that Cobourne is not quite ready yet, so I hope the new schemes include sweeps, shovel passes, screens, end-arounds...etc. to keep the Lions' D guessing. I also hope that intermediate routes are also practised.

The Lions took another one on the nose yesterday, but they'll be coming in with something to prove. I hope the Als are not looking at the next couple of games as "thowaways" - that's a recipe for disaster! These next two games are basically going to give the coaching staff and fans a preview of the future Als' QB. Let's hope that both Chris, Adrian, Ricky, and the entire O-team are ready to go.

I would like to have McP handle all the QBacking while Calvillo is injured. I just reviewed Senor AM's posts on McP which reminded me of how good this guy is- pass both short and deep, runs with power and gets points on the board. Leak reminds me of a college QB who likes to run often and is limited in passing to screens and other short passes. Finally when there is a TD he runs around the field so every one will notice what a great QB he is. With respect to Santos- keep him on the bench. In his CFL life he has had enough time with Montreal and Winnipeg to show he does not rate a QB job.

Raining hard in Niagara Peninsula today ?

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Found this update on Anthony.

Je trouve que c'est là être un peu dur avec Leak. Il n'a pas fait un vilain boulot. Il est jeune et inexpirmenté, et c'était sa première occasion de jouer pour la peine. Il ne peut faire la longue passe? Il en a fait une de 36 verges, en tout cas, et c'était un boulet, pas un ballon. Et il a quand même permis à l'équipe d'inscrire 15 points au tableau. Je crois que Leak a aussi du potentiel et qu'on ne devrait pas le reléguer aux oubliettes trop tôt. Bien sûr, il a eu l'air d'un quart de la NCAA : Il en arrive. Mais après s'être fait ramener sur Terre par Johnson, il a assez bien travaillé.

Cela dit, c'est certain que si McPherson est en mesure de jouer et que Calvillo est sur la touche, c'est McPherson qui devrait jouer. Il est le numéro 2, il a plus d'expérience en pratique et en partie et il mérite de pouvoir se faire valoir, après avoir attendu toutes ces années derrière Calvillo. En même temps, il est, je crois, à la dernière année de son contrat. Est-ce que si on lui donne du temps, on ne va pas former le futur QB d'une équipe adverse? Et ça, c'est aussi un dilemme.

Personnellement, j'espère que les Alouettes vont faire tout ce qu'ils peuvent pour gardre McPherson. Il a beaucoup de potentiel et j'aime bien l'aplomb avec lequel il joue. Je ne cahche pas que j'aime bien Leak aussi, et éventuellement, lorsque Calvillo se retirera, une paire formée de McPherson et Leak donnerait une belle profondeur aux Alouettes.

Chris Leak has one of the nicest "arc" or "ball" call it whatever I've ever seen. He's young and dedicated and I think the world of him. We have to be mindfull that he's come in for an injured Calvillo and won a game against a very desperate football team with a great front four and he managed himself very well.

Also next week when he starts same idea, it will be his first start so trying to compare him to an established QB would not be fair. If he had a stretch of 8 or 9 games to learn and build on previous starts then you could judge but right now to say he has happy feet or a weak arm is "silly".

I didn't mind his Leakabration on the field at all, it was from the heart and I could feel his enthousiasm for the game and his team.

I'm really happy that we have Adrian and Chris with our team.

I think what you mean is, he throws a nice tight spiral. :slight_smile:

He's young and dedicated and I think the world of him. We have to be mindfull that he's come in for an injured Calvillo and won a game against a very desperate football team with a great front four and he managed himself very well.
And keep in mind that he's seen the field far less than most backup quarterbacks in the league. Even less than Adrian, who isn't exactly battle-tested and seasoned himself. Watching Zabransky last night, I was reminded of the need to set lower expectations with young, inexperienced quarterbacks. You simply can't hold Chris to the same standard as a Calvillo when he's barely played meaningful CFL football and hasn't taken first-team reps since training camp (and incidentally, TC was where Leak showed what he could do; for those who may have forgotten, he was far more effective running the offense in preseason than McPherson).
I didn't mind his Leakabration on the field at all, it was from the heart and I could feel his enthousiasm for the game and his team.
I love the enthusiasm, but not the way he expressed it. This isn't Florida State and we're not playing college ball. That silly Gator chomp has no place in the Canadian Football League. And he's got to stop celebrating after every basic play or first down. Celebrate when you score a TD or win a game, not when you pick up a simple first down.

All that being said, Chris is a professional and a quick study. I'm sure he'll learn the ropes. In fact, after throwing the INT, he calmed down, stopped bouncing up and down after every positive play, and showed some field generalship over the course of the game. He's already learning.

I, too, am very happy to have both Leak and McPherson on our team.